Thursday, August 9, 2012

Study says Some Men Like Women... again. Sigh.

So, they're at it again. Trying to find more, extremely obvious, ways to prove that straight men enjoy looking at women. (Le sigh). Can someone *pleeeeease* tell me when money will stop being wasted proving the following things are true about heterosexual men:

- Men like women who have breastesses
- Men like women who show their brestesses
- Men like women who have vaginas, labia and a clitoris
- Men REEEEALLY like women who show their labia and clitoris
- Men like women who wear flashy red-hued colors
- Men like women who wear make up
- Men like women who are healthy
- Men like women who smile
- Men like women who have clean hair
- Men like women who have clean teeth
- Lots and Lots and Lots of Men like women... PERIOD.

I think, it's safe to say, we have ESTABLISHED this. No. Need. To Study. 

If you thought wearing yellow instead of red was going to get you more tips, then you deserve to get stiffed. Baboon asses do not turn yellow. Lips and other body parts do not turn yellow when engorged. Le sigh, again.

Thank you French nation for proving the obvious! Maybe move on to something, like how to stop wasting money on useless fact-finding?


  1. Really only one question I need to ask: How do I volunteer for these studies? Assuming they are the kind that show lots of pictures, or walk models in and out of the room, and you click when you're aroused. Which would basically be like 7th grade.

    I really don't think we can state the obvious enough, btw. It bears repeating. And repeating. And Repeating ... :)

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