Friday, August 17, 2012

How I lost 40lbs and Smelled AWESOME doing it.


Think about it. What are the two biggest problems this country is currently battling? Ok. Besides the economy. Ok, ok. Besides the housing disaster. FINE, besides EVERYTHING that matters to the governing of the country, the next most important issues. I said, besides the fact that Greece, Spain and Italy are going to plunge Europe into an economic diarrhea-vomit-filled toilet. Think outside the box here!!!

YES. Correct. Keeping people insanely skinny and solving the body-odor crisis.

Not only have they found a way to keep weight loss under control in a country where people speed-eat cheese, but they also tackled *another* major battle this country continues to fight: STANK.

Please stop shaking your heads at me, ANYONE who has been in the metro at peak hours knows I'm not exaggerating, bad shit happens there. Bad, smelly shit, people.

All I can say is, get the nobel prize nominees some ice cream and a bottle of scotch, because they're about to lose to the inventer of this shiz.

Read the amazing news here:

PS: love the name. "Prends-mois". What is this, some kind of play on words to resemble "poids en moins" but like, in a sexy way? WOW. Top shelf work, draper-wanabees.


  1. Haha, I also love the name!! :D So, this is a first, never thought that I would run into a perfume that helps losing weight! :)

    Love your blog, btw! :)

    bonne journée,

  2. Ah ah ! Very funny ! Well, they seem to play on a kind of double entendre with this perfume name. Because usually perfumes are somewhat about being appealing for potential sex partners. On that score bases are all covered since "prends moi" is just another way to say "fuck me" in French! :) Now you also can hear something like "take something of me out", in other words "make disapppear a part of my substance" :)
    Now on people stinking in the Métro I receive you 5 on 5, I can't stand it either, and when it just rained outside, don't even talk me about it! It would make me skip my three next meals! :)
    By the way, it's something I tell inside the book on French ways in sensuality that I just published (see my URL if you'd like to know more about it) that "my countrymen would surely benefit from a significant increase in their annual rate of soap consumption!" :)

    Funny writing here anyway, I'll pass again from time to time.
    François Roland


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