Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is this strange, odd feeling??

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So, a quick little note today.... nothing special really, just wanted to share something really odd with you. My life has really changed. I mean, seriously, a lot. If change were measured on the earthquake scale, we'd be talking Japan-sized change.

My day went like this today...
I woke up... read emails from bed & tweet until my legs feel like they're not made of rubber. Then I mosey into the kitchen, fry up a couple of eggs and toast (or burn) some bread to go with. Have a cup of tea on the deck and sit in the sun, listening to the birds tweeting. Then I get to work managing a portfolio of really interesting projects with an awesome group of international people. I'll probably call my parents later, just to say hi.

Most days have been like this for the last couple of weeks and today, I realized something weird was happening. I looked up at the blue sky, listening to those birds, feeling the warm sun, thinking about all the cool/fun things I was going to do today to help my company and clients... something very unfamiliar came over me.

I felt totally, sublimely HAPPY.

There was no pre-thought that began with, "If I can just do this... or just be that... or just get this...". I was just feeling *good*. I suppose it has been a while if it's having such a profound affect on me today.

I love Paris. I love my job. I love my husband. I love my friends. I love my family. I love my life. Not in that order.

Today... is a good day. I hope wherever you're reading this from, you too are feeling a little bit of that.


  1. What a great feeling it is to be blessed with a wonderful life and *know* it. Yay for you for taking the time to revel in it!

  2. Sounds like you are at the top of your game! I had the SAME feeling today...but since I am an American expat in Belgium, I suspect it's just the weather...as we rarely see the sun where we are! Enjoy life while you've got it by the horns...or whatever that saying is, cause I probably got it wrong again....blame it on my half Germanness!

  3. Ah Shannon, this post made ME happy! I know that elusive feeling. It is rare and beautiful, and I love that you are in the middle of it. Enjoy every second of it!

  4. *grin*

    What a terrific post! I hope you keep feeling the happy, m'dear! :)

  5. Awesome!!! You persisted, stuck it out and are now where you want to be. Nothing better. Congrats!

  6. Nothing better than just realizing that you are happy without having to say if I do this or get that I think I will be happy. Waking up and enjoying how wonderful you life really is must be a great feeling.

  7. Catching up on comments -- thanks everyone for sharin' the love! Go do something to make yourselves happier today :)

  8. Love the "no pre-thought...if i can do or be this" bit! Well said! And so happy you are sublimely happy! This will be a good reminder for us all!


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