Friday, January 7, 2011

Who's next for the Paris Proust Files Series? Hint: rhymes with.. ef it. It's David. + Give away!

I'm blogging from my hotel room in London where I've had my first hot shower in 5 days. I feel like I just slathered myself in liquid heaven.

I've taken the miracle of heat for granted, and I shan't soon forget that it is the 2nd most wonderful gift bestowed upon planet Earth.

The first? Probably one of my fave books, "The Sweet Life In Paris" by David Lebovitz! I'm really excited that this blog-legend-god-chef-man is the next awesome writer to join the ranks of the Paris Proust Files on JNSQ!

Will be posting soon, so stay tuned to win your copy of his book, which I'll be reviewing to boot!
Happy Friday


  1. wow...very excited to read the next installment!

  2. Oh! I love David Lebovitz. That has guy has got underwhelmed down to a T. I want to win!


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