Friday, January 14, 2011

Sales Blog -- need more time!

Despite the amazing page-view response for the last article, I know you guys want the info, I regretfully am going to have to postpone the post!!

I just didn't have time to get my shite together this week, been totally busy w/ work. Le sigh. I know, I suck. Sorry bout that.

But I do plan to do a little leg-work this weekend and check some things out (other blogs, will try to do a best-of here, as well as a few shops & my top picks), as well as share with you the community's insights :)

xx S


  1. Hang on - am I required to pull put my teeny tiny violin re the work thing? Lol. Yes TEO as I live and breathe! Lol. Iwas the same. A couple of nights across water runs the week! But in a good way. Where are the good shoes, girl? That's what I wanna know! ;-)

  2. This has nothing to do with the subject, but saw a commercial for L'Oreal with Gwen Stefani. She is modeling red lipstick and one of the images features a similar Eiffel Tower in her mouth. I've always wondered where you found that image.


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