Monday, January 10, 2011

Call for Collab'bloggers! ** SOLDES **

Photo credit evymoon on flickr
Calling all bloggers, that time again, another collaboration blog hosted by JNSQ!

Remember our lovely Rainy Day solutions blog? And our Rants, Reforms & Rationalizations blog? They were pretty damn cool, and proves a theory of mine: The Paris tweeps/bleeps community is one of the BEST out there.

I know we can come up with some awesome spots, and so I propose, the first annual Virtual Paris Soldes Awards.

The idea:
JNSQ will collect YOUR top stores or streets for the Paris sales that begin officially next week, and I'll post them and link back to your site. Top number of votes will win "best" category for the VSPA's.

What's your favorite place to shop for shoes/shirts/skirts/scarves/etc etc? Let's put the best of paris on the map. Know THE spot to check out? Post it!

Here are the nominee categories:

- Best New Shop
- Best Vintage
- Best Luxury
- Best Penny Pincher
- Best Quirky
- Best Preppy
- Best Avant Garde
- Best Accessories
- Best Shoes
- Best Private Sale
- Best All-Around

Send your nominees in to, post them in comments below or tweet them to ShaNeSaisQuoi by this Friday!

Be sure to include:
- Name
- Address
- Category

MyFaveShop, Rue du Best 75001, Best All-Around

Shops with the most votes in a category will win!

Will publish the results over the weekend, can't wait to see who the "best" category winners will be :)

xx S


  1. Sounds fab Shannon! I will send you mine this week.

  2. I'll have a think, too, and send some over. I'm not sure I'm appropriately fashionable enough though....but I'll give it a shot! :)

  3. Awesome, thanks ladies!!


    Obviously people are looking ... let's get some comments! Share your shop! Share a street you love during the sales!

    xx Shan

  4. - Best Luxury : Jerome Dreyfuss
    - Best Penny Pincher
    - Best Quirky : what does that mean? :)
    - Best Preppy : what does that mean? :)
    - Best Avant Garde : Merci
    - Best Accessories : tassia Canellis (sold at Merci)
    - Best Shoes : Onze, rue Oberkampf / or "54", rue Montmartre (only numbers!)
    - Best Private Sale : Isabel Marant


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