Thursday, December 9, 2010

WTF Wednesday: Paralyzed in Paris.

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There is really only one explanation for today's happenings: Paris suffers from an acute precipitation denial syndrome.

When it snows here, it's as if the transportation gods huddle up and decide that life in our fair city must come to a screeching halt. Highways close. Buses stay parked, toasty-warm in their stations. Trains conspicuously stop running despite their subterranean status -- why should being under ground stop them from joining the transportation party-poopers?

And the would-be passengers? What are we doing? Hmm... well we're FREEZING OUR ASSES OFF on the sidewalk waiting for phantom buses, we're cramming ourselves against other, equally miserable train voyagers, battling for an extra inch of breathing room. That's what we're doing.

Paris... you're not a new-born puppy sitting perplexed in a pile of white, frozen confetti. Get over it. Snow exists, and you're gonna have to do something about it some day!!!

In short. GET. THE. NET.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I will say that I had a total blast sliding all over the sidewalks on my way home from work. Salt, schmalt, I want to slip & slide home every night -- boots be damned, it was fun!!

Happy WTF Wed.


  1. "You're not a new-born puppy . . . " - This comment killed me! Working from home is great when the weather is like this EXCEPT when you schedule a bunch of RDVs the one day it's pouring snow. My feet were stinging. I need to go check my boots for missing toes. They may have snapped off when I removed them last night.

  2. I think that Paris in the winter is like paralyzed as a whole but it is still beautiful. Regards from Paris Hotels

  3. Ha ha ha! Portland, OR is the SAME way. A flake would barely be falling from the sky and a city wide alert would go out to shut it all down. I have to say, I'm not missing that right now. I don't have that problem anymore since I live in Hawaii...rough I know ; )

  4. Actually, I would brave a stormy day (as shown above) if I could warm up in a chocolatier or fromagerie with some vin. Hawaii may not lack in sunshine, but it does lack some of the finer things in life.

  5. Too funny! And here in Nantes - nothing! nada! rien! Not one flake. Rain for weeks and now sun and this Florida girl wants snow! But how nauseating it became watching the 8 o'clock news for 3 nights in a row and the only thing on for 25 minutes is this snow disaster as if it has never happened before. And then the government blames it on Météo France! Ha Ha Ha!

  6. Hahaha, your blog just made my day!!

    I use to live in Paris too but I really didn't like it , the people there are so scornful. But I was in Paris last week and the snow was terrible. There wasn't even that much snow but it created such a big mess and that's all we talked about for a week!! I don't know if you saw on the news, a canadian guy started making fun of the whole thing and our dramatization!!it was very funny

    Your blog is very refreshing and witty, and very sarcastic which I love! I just entered the " blog world" so I don't know if subscribing and following are the same thing! But I'll try to figure it out! ( anything for a good laugh, especially if it's about Paris!)

  7. Catchin' up on comments y'all. (Yes I said y'all, no I am not from the south... feel free to roll your eyes.)

    @amy - Walking through a snow-covered Paris in high-heels is like playing Russian roulette with your toes, which one will get gangrene first? Nobody knows!

    @annabel - Yes, it's tragically beautiful, le sigh.

    @golf - Don't you have some ocean to surf on? Here's my wound, just, ya know, rub some more salt in there. Fanks ;)

    @jamie - What? No snow for you?? Plus you must be hearing about it every ten seconds. Mmm, mmm, mmm, oh the annoyance. Hope you get some soon :)

    @N - Scornful? What did they do, threaten to claw your eyes out if you blogged using your full name?? (that said, it could happen people.) I totally missed the Canadian thing, link us up? Glad you like the sarcasm! They're not the same thing, subscribing = email, following = twitter or following on google. Hope that helps!

  8. @Andi - you're a schweet heart. Hearted your 12 days of xmas blogs too :)


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