Thursday, November 18, 2010

WTF Wednesday: Bag o'Pills & Sprays

OK ok, so I know it's not Wednesday, but gimmy a break. I was out of it yesterday. In lala-land. Off blowing my nose, not eating, coughing so hard it sounded like my lungs had been replaced by party-honker-toys (whatever they're called, I've no idea, I'm on drugs.)... bref, I was not doin' so hot.

So I called in sick to work, went to see my Dr. who told my my blood-pressure was too low (that's odd, considering all the stress I'm under, you'd think it'd be through the roof?!), and sent me home with 2 days bed rest and a lot of prescriptions.

My doctor is adorable. I want him to be my grandfather or something. He never remembers I'm American and when I tell him I'm from the states, he starts speaking in broken English and calls me "Lady".

"Get on table Lady. Breath Lady. Ok you go home, sleep, Lady". It's so cute I wanted to laugh, but that would've provoked a coughing fit and I'd have had to spit mucus in his sink, making me less the charming American he took me for, so I just grinned.

Being in the light-headed funk, I didn't notice how much medicine he had prescribed. I went to the pharmacy, handed over the papers, & sat down for 20 min. while she got everything ready. It wasn't until she handed me two giant, filled-to-the-brim, bags of medicine that I realized something was odd.

In the states, they'd probably send me home with a bottle of Nyquil and a $150 doctor bill. But in France, they take it much more seriously. I have antibiotics, aspirin, some kind of stimulant to help w/ the bp thing, nose sprays, cough syrup, vitamins and all other manner or treatments. I'm surprised they didn't send the pharmacist home to rub my feet.

I was curious. I weighed my bags o'goodies. 4kg of medicine, boxes included. Now THAT deserves a WTF Wed post.
Also, this didn't cost me a dime. French gov picked up the tab on the whole shebang. Love France. Love it.

What do you think about French health care?


  1. LMAO for you so your lungs don't explode. Hope you feel better soon! You got lots more ass to kick and names to take.

  2. Hope all the drugs worked and that you're feeling better. I like the health care system here, but I think doctors tend to over prescribe. People, including doctors, often forget that health care here isn't "free", we pay for it in the form of charges. I do love the security of not worrying about getting seriously ill and potentially being denied from my insurer, also a few years ago I felt like I was dying and had my first house call, which was great - and I think it cost 20 euros more or something. Also, my husband had a scary incident a couple of years ago and it was all covered - a big relief not to have to worry about paying for things when you're already stressed over health issues. I don't like, however, how most workers need to either take an RTT day or have a doctor's note for sick days. But I assume they've done studies and have their reasons for that!

  3. Sorry you're sick, babe! Still, if you can find the humor in it, I guess all is not lost. Like that photo...excellent!

    I have to agree with Amy, I was super pleased to be in France when I had my bout with meningitis but, on the whole, French doctors tend to over-prescribe.

    Which is not really a problem for me if it helps Shannon get better!

  4. Major bummer! I hate being sick! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    If you're unemployed/low income here in the state of Hawaii, you are eligible for health insurance through the state (Alohacare). The Obama healthcare bill has created so much controversy here in the states that it makes it hard for me to wrap my head around it. Is it wrong to offer the American People healthcare???

    There was a negative TV ad running during this past mid-term elections (against the democrats and the Obama healthcare bill) of a canadian woman stating that if she had stayed in Canada, she would be dead by now from a brain tumor. What I didn't understand is, how did she get insurance in this country?? Most private insurance companies would have denied her due to her pre-existing condition, and if they didn't deny her, the premiums would have put most americans in the poor house. I'm just SO confused! At least the Obama bill gets rid of the pre-existing condition clause.

    So, I have to say VIVA LA FRANCE and it's healthcare system.

  5. In the current state of economy, selecting a medical insurance plan that has great coverage and is affordable can be a difficult task. In 2007, average health insurance premiums increased by 6.1 percent, above official measures of inflation and well beyond the increase in average salary and wages to American workers.
    While selecting an affordable medical insurance plan that has great coverage can be a difficult task, especially in the current state of the economy, our health is still our most valuable asset and it is very important to protect it as much as possible.

  6. That's just insane! And American's think that national healthcare is like the nazi party. Look what they're missing!

  7. Just to say it : the weight of Healthcare on GDP is about less than 12% in France while it is more than 17% in the States... with 50 millions people out of insurance for Heaven's sake!


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