Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travel Tweet Tuesday - Part II - Best tweets for Paris Travel

Mornin' Tweeps & Peeps,

OMG people tweet a lot about travel. Fear not, I'm here to sift through the blahblah's & give you the lowdown on tweets that stand out! Back with another catalog of my favorite tweets for travelers for this week, enjoy & share!

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Have a great #Travel #Tuesday!
xx S

Travel Tweet Tuesday - Best tweets for Paris Travelers, Week of Aug 13th, 2010

JNSQ-Blog's Top 5 Tweets
@kasiainparis EAT a lot. PRAY often. LOVE yourself. http://wp.me/pRQxa-pe #travel

@HaveninParis: Paris tourist scams, how to avoid them. Maggie's tips for a hassle free trip: http://bit.ly/9DxpcG #Paris

@GirlsGuideParis A touch of Paris in Seattle, where to go to fulfill your Francophile desires. http://ow.ly/2qa65 #france

@BethArnold Letter From Paris: Summer in the City, 6 http://nblo.gs/6UiNg

@jnsqblogparis Loving these articles... http://bonjourparis.com/story/august-events-paris/ via @kvfawcett

Good ideas

@ViatorTravel: Top Five Day Trips From Paris http://su.pr/2sG32s #france #travel
@KasiainParis Rainy day in Paris. What to do? A few ideas from @JNSQBlogParis and the locals: http://bit.ly/dyKvfL #travel #Paris

@GotSaga Best Picnic spots in #Paris #France for cheese, wine & love... http://ht.ly/2pGQC #travel
@ParisGetaways RT @FrommersTravel: #Paris Walking Tour: Backstreets of Bastille http://bit.ly/dBaqPj #traveldeals> via @Griffid1

@MyMelange Paris Fashion Showrooms: The New Way to Shop via @HaveninParis http://ow.ly/2qcc6 #paris #shopping

Restaurants, Museums, To-do in Paris
@lostncheeseland 's smack down - Two Parisien restaurants, Two failed potentials http://bit.ly/dgThCB
@camorose In #Paris? Don't miss modern art, feminism and theme parks at Centre Pompidou http://bit.ly/cBrQJo

@parisimperfect This looks fun! Wheelbarrow races? RT @BethArnold A Cure for the Summer-in-#Paris Blues - In Transit Blog - NYTimes.com http://ow.ly/2oVim

@BudgetTraveller New post for #TravelTuesday> What is the cheapest way to travel across Europe: Taking the bus? http://bit.ly/d5ZyRt #travel #lp #rtwsoon

@AirFranceFR Départ et retour de vacances : tout savoir pour voyager facile http://ow.ly/2ktTi

@AirFranceFR Spring Specials on long-haul flights! Sales until June 22 for travel this fall. http://tinyurl.com/24vgt99

@GirlsGuideParis: New hot and tres sexy in #Paris. http://ow.ly/2qesX

@HaveninParis @BethArnold Lovely to meet & enjoy the rainy view of Paris http://bit.ly/b5Ho2X A bientot - Erica

@BudgetTraveller RT @hostelworld Make a donation to #UNICEF with every booking. Competition to win €2,000! http://bit.ly/9y4TLy

@kvfawcett Reading: "Dispatch | Paris in August Redux - T Magazine Blog - NYTimes.com"( http://twitthis.com/utbm5k )

@Fleurishing in case you missed it...proust q & a...pretavoyager http://bit.ly/crPmzy

@MyMelange Women find world, selves with solo travel - CNN.com http://ow.ly/2pCmf #solotravel
@parisimperfect RT @NouveauParisIDF: The access to the top of the arch in La Défense quarter is definitely closed to the public. http://snipurl.com/10ot63

@gogoparis Gogo Guide to Paris @Fashionista_com: Forget the Eiffel Tower: This Guide Reveals Paris’ Hidden... http://bit.ly/b6loJy

Funny Ha-Ha
@davidlebovitz [new blog entry] Economy Candy NYC http://tinyurl.com/2fgn9px

@laBelleinFrance mdr! eeny-meeny-miney-mo - Love it! RT @LostNCheeseland @andi_fisher Claude vs. Pierre http://bit.ly/auzSdf #french #advertising

@52martinis Bar car signs on the train are always marked with martini glasses. What a tease. It's not like they serve martinis on the TGV...


  1. Thanks for the shout out on my "Sex & Love" article, babe!

    I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of this stuff. Only four more days left on my vacation...so much to do, so little time!

  2. YO Pauly, your welc. Also, a blog is looking for "male persepective" on paris for guest blogs -- thought of you. MaVieFrancaise on twitter.


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