Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ridunculous Nonsensical: Happy April Fish & Totally Made Up Scientific BS Day!

No, it's not a typo. They say "April Fish Day" here. Yeah, I know, (*eye rolls*), try and figure that one out. Instead of pranking people in imaginative ways, like covering their car with tampons painted in red nail polish, and then dousing said vehicle with actual douche (my high school days were wild & crazy eh?), the French cut out paper fish and tape them on people's backs. Because... fish has so much to do with April. Nope, I don't get it, probably never will.

It is kind of fun to see what the company websites do today though. IE: Funny Or Die has become Bieber or die... that is just PURE UNFILTERED GENIUS. Those nut-jobs have earned my eternal, unwavering respect.

BTW, today is also the Vernal Equinox! Don't know about you but I'm convinced that this is the greatest prank ever. My theory: the V.E. doesn't actually exist and is the original April Fool's gag cooked up by the king NERD of geology or biology, or some other 'ology. Consider the possibilities:

1) Nerds have too much time on their hands. If anyone was going to make up something this braintastic, it would be them, and what better time to fool the entire world with something that sounds totally plausible?
2) Who's going to make sure it checks out? Honestly, do YOU feel like timing the daylight vs night and verifying it all over the world?
3) We mustn't forget the power of an emotionally stunted/frustrated smart person. They're capable of evil we mere mortals cannot even fathom.

Somewhere some four-eyes is telling his teenage son about this, and they're having a right giggle about it


  1. "like covering their car with tampons painted in red nail polish, and then dousing said vehicle with actual douche"

    Heh heh heh heh! That's a good one. :D

  2. I enjoyed it more than the fool's-day-victim did lol. If I remember right, he was pretty pissed actually!!

    Still... it's funny. Don't ask me WHY we did that, I don't even remember. Perhaps he had a problem with the mensies?

  3. In high school it is the nerds who are relentless tormented by the "beautiful" people, but in the real world it is these nerds who became rich and powerful. The beautiful people are pumping their gas...

    Talk about the last laugh


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