Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Louisville Stranger...

Google Analytics is my friend. Oh, yes, I spy on you fellow readers.  I want to know where you are from, if you've already visited, how many times, what you read, what time you read it, if you like peanut butter, your favorite color, if you clean up your dog's logs during a walk, your shoe size annnnnnd, the name of your second grade teacher.

I'm watching you. (feeling creeped out yet?)

And I have noticed one of you is more loyal than the rest.
Dear Louisville Stranger... I dub you most loyal/stalkery of them all.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are.

PS - Not to go all grammar nerd on you all, but is it supposed to be "whoever" or "whomever"? I can never remember... my gut says "who"... and that I need to feed it.

PPS - Louisville, are you an ex-bush government spy, sent to monitor my blog because I supported Obama and moved to France?... just checking.


  1. Whomever. It's the object relative pronoun form. The corresponding sentence in that reduced clause "who(m)ever you are" is understood to be "you are someone." The two sentences separated (i.e. before they are combined into a relative clause) are: Thanks for reading, you. You [the reading person] are someone.

    "Someone" is the object in that second clause, and so it takes the object form of the relative pronoun, "whom."

    But no one ever uses it correctly, so no one really cares, lol. Go with "whoever" if you want!

    (Former ESL/EFL teacher. What can I say?)

    Louisville, eh?? What state? KY? CO? Ooooh dying to know. (lol)

    Lurker stats are cool, huh. WordPress has some cool lurk monitor stuff, but not as cool as Google Stats, apparently! Maybe I should have gone with Blogger...

    (P.S. Now I am starting to doubt my explanation. See this here:
    Grammar Book - Whoever vs. Whomever Yeah, I am a little TOO into your question and now it is also going to be bugging me all night! Argh!)

  2. @Karin: Je laule. Excellent. I've made you lose your mind with a single question lol. You can get google analytics on any site actually. You just have to make an acct & then paste a bit of code into your layout & PRESTO! You know who's watching in Louisville, KY. ;)

  3. I am so there. Already. Must leave to set up my Google Analytics. I even like the sound of it. Google Analytics. *nearly faints with the coolness of it*

    I recovered from the grammar question and finally settled on "who gives a flying f__," hah! I'm not teaching grammar anymore and so no need to have to be right about it, huh. ;-)

  4. Now I'm being obsessed. I didn't think Google Analytics worked with Wordpress (at least Wordpress says it doesn't.) Karin, let me know if you get it to work!

    Thanks for clearing up whomever, btw. I think it's kind of cool to be obsessed with grammar, too (I'm not personally, but I think it's a fine obsession to have).

    As for April Fish day. I just read a brief explanation about it...some king...1500s...blahblahblah, the story was boring I won't even try to remember it. Honestly, it still seems silly to me, even after the explanation.

  5. Arr I hope it works for you guys, I <3 it!! I admire good grammarians. My husband, the history whiz, human wikipedia himself, couldn't resist explaining it to me when I got home last night.

    Two sentences into his explanation I began making snoring noises. (sorry babe.)

  6. I can stalk who reads my blog? If it weren't for the occasional comments and the visitor counter at the bottom I would have my doubts about any followers at all.

    Hmmm, I must check this out


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