stalkers here

So... couldn't resist could you... I think half of you are here because at some point during your reading you thought either, "Who the F@%# does she think she is?!?!" or "Who the F%#@ is this?!?!"... either way, you have a dirty little potty mouth and I've got you right where I want you.

Truth is, the real me is this blog on prozac. The first thing people generally tend to notice, is that I'm not quite as mental as the blog reads. I'm not sure how to take this. Am I boring the shit out of them and they're just waiting for me to drop an F-bomb? Do they think I'm supposed to be some crazy cat lady who hates the French & thinks stirrup pants are a demonic creation? Who can say?

I think what you really want to know is: do I own a pair of leggings, like, for real? If I'm anything, it's full of conviction, so no, I do not and probably will NEVER buy them. I'm ashamed of you for even asking. Let's not let it happen again, hmm?

And now, a paragraph about myself in the third person...
Shannon moved to a small suburb in France in 2005 as an IT project manager with no aspirations whatsoever to become a blogger. In fact, she'd probably never read a blog in her entire adult life. She was very comfortable with her French husband and her nerdtastic lifestyle. But moving to Paris changed all that. Now Shannon suffers from a twitter addiction and reads more blogs than she should. She loves meeting tweeps and hopes to continue being the butt of all your "I read this one blog" jokes.

Since a picture says a thousand words, here's a 1960's film-projector-style slideshow that will explain me better than this page ever could.

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