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Some more of my fave Froggers (French Bloggers):
David Lebovitz - It's David!? First man of blogging? To say you have to read this is like saying people need food and water to survive.

Prête à Voyager - Like getting Paris for Christmas. A bag of awesome.

Paris By Mouth
- Hungry? Go here to find out where to stuff your face.

52 Martinis - Forest knows her cocktails and she rocks, get your drink on with her, yo.

Weekend In Paris - Priscilla's take on Paris is like slathering yourself in cultural lotion. MMmmm... nice.

Beth Arnold - Beth's got mad skillz. Love her posts on Huffington & elsewhere.

Little Brown Pen - Nichole captures Paris on film. Beaute. I heart.

My Melange - Torn between Paris & Venice? Problem = solved. Love this one.

I heart Paris & Go-Go Paris - Bored? Kim will fix it.

Haven In Paris - Sleep. It's good. Find out where to do it in style through Haven.

Paris Imperfect - Some quality/fun reading here... if you enjoy talented writers pfffff.

Cowgirl Chef - I want her to be my in-home chef.

A Movable Beast - Tory = you're peeing your pants laughing. Love it!

Badaude - Rad Drawings, Mad Scribblings! Love her insights and brit humor.

Some more great reading that I check often to see what the hell they're up to now:
(if you're not on this list yet - shout at me, I am a busy old hag & don't check back much to update!)

An Alien Parisienne - get inside a colorado transplant's brain! Some fun stories :)
Another American in Paris - Yep, one more. She sees Paris en rose.

C'est la Me -  Adorable Amy, cute & funny, enjoying this one!
Chez Loulou - trip to s. of france worth the read
Eye Prefer Paris - Photos galorrreee!
Fleurishing - More stylish than I will EVER be.. <3.
Francophilia - What's happening in Paris? You'll see here. Everything that is. v cool.
God I Love Paris - She really does. For reals, yo.
Invisible Paris - Very cool "something for the weekend" plans section!
Un Italiano a Parigi - for our Italiana/Italiano Paris lovers.
Hip Paris Blog - Learn to love Paris here.
LaFleur de Paris - Rebecca is adorable and I live vicariously through her glam.
La Femme Cooks - This blog is DELICIOUS! Enjoy :)
La Maitresse - For when I want to pretend I'm an intellectual like Lauren.
Le Petit France Blog - Love the writing style, fun, informative, the whole package.
Love in the City of Lights - Kasia's romance with Paris is contagious.
My French Life - Good interviews & to-do's, check tags for "things to do" list.
Not Just Another Milla - Eye candy... love the fab fashion!!!
Paris On Demand - New to the scene, but checking it out!
Parisien Salon - Awesome to-do's.
Parisian Party - A Bridezilla's DREAM!
Piglet in France - This little piggy always makes me laugh!
Polly-Vous Français - She makes you "jones" for Paris, very fun read.

Posted in Paris - Some good tips!
Prête-Moi Paris - Loves Paris with rose-tinted glasses, nostalgia + tips = hearts.
Provence Post - Sweet articles about Provence that make me want to move.
Secrets of Paris - Name says it all! Free Resource guide rocks (bottom of page)
The Paris Files - Dig the vids, grit & glam.
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