Sunday, August 5, 2012

In all seriousness...

I tried to repress this comment, but I can't. Just look at this guy's face while the woman is speaking. I took a screenshot. 

Clearly, he thinks it's funny, he thinks female contraception, and the brave woman defending it, are a joke. She's so eloquent, it's all the more insulting that he belittles her articulate speech with his sad little grin. Watching this clip reminds me of all that makes me *sick* about Romney, and so many republican men who agree with him. 

Can you put the shoe on the other foot for a moment fellas? Imagine that we lived in a matriarchal society, and women were battling to remove your right to ejaculate because to us, it meant you were killing potential human beings. We called you all sorts of names, like whore, and murderer. We called you unchristian, evil, and we said you would burn in hell. Imagine we screamed in your face about how ashamed you should feel for defying God's will, as if we could presume to understand such omnipotence.

The French figured this out in the 70's, and even now, today, a candidate for president in the US and his lackey f**kpuppet can't comprehend something that should not even be a question. 

I feel rage, but also quite a bit of pity for these pour souls who think they have it all figured out. I'm equal parts disgusted and dismayed for anyone who says they speak for God, and thinks they should have some say over what I choose to do with my body.

Le sigh. America, you are so big, so grand, so full of dreams, spirit, talent and potential. Also, so sad, so young, so embarrassing, and so painfully misogynistic. All I can do is shake my head, and pray that 51% of my homeland is enlightened enough to see what a mistake it would be to elect a president so woefully ignorant as Romney.

Hopefully this is the last time during election season I will feel so sickened that I need to blog about it for therapeutic reasons.

To see the full clip:


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