Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Special Word for My Spammers

Why do y'all have to be so damn NICE?? I was looking back through the blog comments, feeling guilty as uge because I am horrible at replying, when I noticed something.

All of the spammers are so fucking sweet to me. I'm serious as bubonicebolapoxaids. You guys didn't have to do that, I know you just want to plug your gold selling businesses, but honestly... I'm touched.

Here are a just few snippets of their comments:

"You inspire me to crochet!"

"everything you do is just so mystical and beautiful."

"I care for such info much. Thank you and best of luck. Baby Converse."

"Would adulation to bolt up on the buzz ancient this year. You do bedrock and stop that overworking shit. It ain't right."

"Cute story. Makes me wish to be better. Thanks for sharing. You are wonderful."

And, my personal favorite, "Big asses have writting styles amazing. Boobs"

Apparently, I've changed your lives, and you admire my goods. Sending you all my love, and big, wet, slobbery kisses.


  1. Ha! ha! ha! -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) {ps: Not a spammer!) :-)

  2. They are getting more and more clever, it really is fun to watch!


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