Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Day Ohm Project Update

So, it wasn't a total failure, but not exactly a success either. I kept up with the hypnosis and occasional meditation, but the yoga was a total bust. I keep telling myself: you *must have* 30 minutes a day to do this crap, but somehow it keeps getting pushed aside into "I'll do it later" land.

I think karma is plotting against me... I try to quit smoking, and my world kind of goes up in smoke. I try to do this zen-living thing, and several projects that I wasn't anticipating fall, no THUD, into my lap like a thousand pound elephant in the room.

I really wonder sometimes if it's just not meant to be. Maybe I should just stop trying to force a lifestyle that isn't going to suit me, you know?

Thing is, I really respect and admire people who can do that. Who get up every morning, and run, or do yoga or something good for their mind/body/soul. I used to be like that, swear! I was practically vegan in the US. I would run every morning, do sit ups (omg did I have some rock-hard abs back then, not like these mushy, pathetic little lumps I have now), I was all about kickboxing and was starting karate before I moved here.

The strangest thing is that I go *right* back into that lifestyle when set foot in the US. All I wanted to do last time I was there was go to yoga w/ my bestie, and run, and eat healthy when I'm surrounded by all that good American food.

Can't explain it. Maybe being in the US makes me paranoid about being unhealthy, and being here has the opposite effect. I suppose it's very possible that Paris is actually bad for me if that's the case lol?

Whatever the reason, I can't seem to connect with that person over here. Any advice those of you who have achieved my goal?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 10-day Ommmm Project

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If you know me IRL (as the kids say), you know that I'm a haggard, frazzled, stressed person at the moment. The phrase "I have a lot going on" was what I was telling myself 5 projects ago. Between that, and family stuff, friend stuff, Italian class, and all the other things life throws at me right now, it's been busy times a gajillion. 

Long story short: I'm not myself. Feels like the Michelle Bachman version of me right now. All batshit, running in all directions, blathering nonsense, and on top of it all -- not really sleeping. S'not good.

Back in the US last month, I went to my first yoga class with friends. I was pretty impressed with how good I felt, despite being the "Problem Child" as my friend dubbed me because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. (In reality, she was just jealous that I got a 30sec. back massage from the teacher. I bite my thumb at you E, pffffffff.)
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In light of that discovery, I'm taking some new steps. Turning over a new yoga mat. And doing it publicly because, well... I know myself, if I don't do it here, I know I'll just quit tomorrow when the next issue arises and slap a gold star over my "third eye" for even thinking it up in the first place. I'm really curious to see if the hippy-dippy, chakra-reki, flowerchild crap really works.

So, break out your tea lights. Slip on the stretchpants. Let the 10-day OOOHHHHMMMMMmmmmmm Project COMMENCE!

The plan: Do at least 1 yogaglo.com meditation or yoga class per day to chill my ass the f*ck out.

Simple & easy. I'll be documenting the experience on here, starting with today's!

What I did:
I did this morning yoga routine, followed by 15 min. of "OOOOHHMMMMMMMM"ing in the shower.


Hmm. I feel surprisingly wonderful. My body is awake, my mind is calm. I've set some mental expectations for the day. Mental being "focused" and "open-minded" and not in the "WTF NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO THAT SUCKS, I SUCK, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??" sense. Which I think is good.

Maybe a before-bed meditation is in order?

Motivation level:Very. Very very. If motivation were a stash of Halloween candy, mine pillow case would bust open. Feels great, glad my sleep-deprived mind is still capable of this kind of creativity, rather astonishing.

Other notes:Anyone else really f*cking hate downward-facing-dog pose? Dude. Kill your wrists much? Yowch. Maybe this gets better as your arm muscles develop or something.
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