Friday, May 13, 2011

French Friday – A Passion for Paris with Je Ne Sais Quoi

Andi from has been compiling Parisian Passion for some time! I was thrilled when she asked if I would join the ranks of countless bloggers who share their undying love for this amazing place, and some of their favorite hot spots!

Why do I love Paris? You might as well ask me to fly to the moon… I wouldn’t know where to begin. I do know, that I’ve loved it since I was little. Although, it wasn’t love at first sight when I arrived for good.

I have photos of me as a kid, missing teeth, pigtails and all, wearing t-shirts with “France” and “Paris” and “Oh la la!!” plastered all over them. Despite my adolescent predisposition to love all things French, I had to warm up to it when I moved here. It was surprising. I thought I would blend in with the French, that my language skills would make me fit the mold that seemed destined to be mine since I learned to sing “Frère Jaques”… how naive I was. I’m about as American as they come, and a move wasn’t going to change that.


  1. Such a lovely post....I really enjoyed your thoughts on Paris...xv

  2. Hi! I was on Andi's site today and saw you were featured here. What a wonderful article, and hey! Cool! Thank you for using my photo again. :)

    This was my favorite line: "Love completely, fearlessly and without regret. What’s the point in doing it half-assed?"

    Amen. This is probably the biggest reason I am here, too. :)

    I also saw from the Burlesque post (fun!) that you are/were in my hometown. I hope Denver is treating/treated you well. :)

  3. Salut, I am back from vacation and trying to get unburied, I wanted to say merci again for your contribution, your post was so lovely - I cannot get enough of people's Paris stories and I am so glad you shared yours!

  4. It was my pleasure, thanks for asking Andi!! How was your trip? bisous


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