Monday, April 4, 2011

JNSQ Collaborative blog - Why Paris Bloggers Love Paris in the Springtime

Written for Girl's Guide to Paris, cross posting part of the article here :)

It's here people. SPRING IN PARIS IS HERE. God I have waited for this moment FOR-EV-ER! Rain rain rain rain rain rain... more rain... clouds... darkness at 4PM... clouds... rain... I've had it. I'm ready for some green, and some shorts, and some SUN!

And here it is, served up for us on a lovely little platter and I feel the life coming back into my veins. I'm coming out of some kind of winter-mode even as I type. Ready to hit the markets in the morning, go for walks in the parks, sit out on my little terrace and have some tea while enjoying a few rays of glorious (and rare) sunshine.

My god, is there *anything* better than going to Luxembourg Parc and curling up with a nice book for a few hours? How about a jog on the weekend in Bois de Bourgogne? (The waterfall is so lovely there in the a.m. light). Or a picnic at the Buttes-Chaumont?

Seriously, spring is just amazingly beautiful here. The world literally comes back to life, everything is suddenly green and growing and I feel like if I were a bird I would be chirping loud enough to make someone mad. (We've all had those "Shut-UP stupid BIRDDDD!!" moments, and I would be that bird.)

In honor of this glorious occasion, I sent a question out into the interwebs to see what my fellow tweeps and bloggers think about all this. I asked them what they loved about Paris in the spring, if it lives up to the hype and what they were planning on doing.

Thanks everyone for chiming in -- readers check out their blogs for more wonderful writing about Paris!

Special thank you to: Paris Karin for her beautiful photos!!

About 15 bloggers chimed in with their awesome suggestions, read the rest on Girls Guide to Paris :)


  1. Yay for spring, want to be there now just laying in the grass with a book or people watching!

  2. You're welcome for the photos & I'm off to GG2P to read up on what folks have to say! :)

  3. Great job, Shannon. I think your intro might have stolen the show :) Also, loved Karin's photos. Enjoyed reading all the other bloggers' takes on spring in Paris.

  4. Oui, oui, Karin - gorgeous photos. Can't be spring in Paris, as Shannon and everyone else has just proven!

  5. I'll take Paris at anytime :)

  6. Fab post and wowza, great images! I always miss these blogger-collabs :(

  7. Great post! Im about to move over to Paris in 8 weeks and I can't wait! This has definitely got me excited for the winter to spring change! Although I will have to wait a mere 9 months.. Definitely sounds worth it!

  8. lol you meant "Bois de Boulogne" I think, that any French know for what happens there at night from the moment they reachs their adolescence (as in Pigalle)


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