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Paris Proust Files: Amazing photographer, Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen!

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I'm really excited for this month's Paris Proust Files interview-ee, Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen!! She's one of my favorite bloggers, and her photos are heavenly. She doesn't just photograph Paris, she immortalizes it.

Some how her pictures capture more than just the things in them, the snaps convey a mood, a feeling that only Paris has. A bike on a street corner. A sign. A cafe. A secluded street. They are all oozing with Parisian charm and coordinated with a color scheme as if they were meant to be together.

Can't afford a trip to Paris? Just browse the photos -- you'll be there in spirit!
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Her blog:

This month I'm giving away 2 sets of her photos -- worth 45$ each (photo collection 5x5 in black, and in blue), so you won't want to miss this one!! To enter, comment below on your favorite Parisian photo or Retweet this blog & be sure to put me in there so I see it @ShaNeSaisQuoi. I'll randomly select 2 winners in just 2 weeks, April 15th.

Thanks Nichole for doing the interview!
Good luck to the contestants! I'm sure you're gonna love these :)

Virtues: What do you like most about yourself or your writing that you think you can say without sounding too conceited? What makes you so flippin' amazing? (You know this is what people mean when they ask 'what are your strengths', don't look so shocked.)

I live in the moment. This isn't always the right choice, and in fact, very often the wrong choice, but I trust my instincts and go for it. I have very few regrets.

Faults: What do you like LEAST about yourself or your writing that you think you can say without sounding too pathetic?

When I make silly public grammar mistakes. I love grammar. I love to get it right, and it really irks me when I get it wrong.

Chief characteristic: Define yourself or your writing in 1 word that I can repeat to other people when I talk about you behind your back, ie:

He/she is so meticulous.

Men: Is there anything about Parisian men that doesn't make you roll your eyes? What do they do that makes you think, "Oh yah. That one's def from Paname!"?

I think Parisian men are very well dressed. I can spot them from a mile away when I'm in NYC. I always laugh when they walk past me speaking French and confirm my suspicions.

Women: What about the Parisian women? Quite the bag of 'tude eh? Or are we the ones who require re-wiring?

I don't find Parisian women to be rude unless we're talking about the employees at Monoprix. You can depend on being greeted with a unique Monoprix scowl no matter which one you're in.

Heros: If you could be any Frenchie who would you be, and why? (Good luck choosing. Between the painters alone you're totally screwed trying to pick one...*evil laugh*)

Marion Cotillard. She's smokin.

Emotions: What about Paris brings out the 16yr old drama-queen in you: happy, sad, mad, excited, love, hate; what brings out these emo-spaz-attacks? What do you love/hate most about Paris?

I love the light in Paris. From the way the sunset glows between the buildings, to the engineered lighting on the buildings. There is something inimitably Paris about the light.

Places: In what Parisian hood would you love to live in? We all have our favorites! Why is it yours, what makes it all that?

The 4th. We lived on Rue St. Paul and the surrounding blocks are still my favorite. There's always a buzz, something delicious to eat and some wonderful antique treasure to ogle. And it's close enough to Rue de Rosiers and the falafels.

Wishes: What typical French characteristic do you wish you possessed? (If you say ability to to eat mounds of Camembert and stay thin, I may smack you.)

The ability to know exactly when the bakery is putting out the fresh-baked bread. Cmon - how do they know?!?

Motto: What's your motto when in France? How do you minimize the hardships of life abroad?

Paris is much like New York to me. You can't get riled up about the crowds, the feistiness, the pushing or the pace. Just roll with it and appreciate the energy.


  1. Oh, love her photos! Would be wonderful to add a collection to my apartment (hint, hint :)

  2. I've been following Nicole's blog for a long time now and her color collages are my favorite! The colors she sees and they way she photographs them are so...Paris! If I had to pick my favorite - which is tough to do! - I'd say the Purple series. I don't know if it's because I've got Spring Fever or because I've never seen so many purple things in Paris before, apart from flowers. It makes me smile to think it was an unexpected surprise each time she spotted one.

  3. I love Little Brown Pen's graffiti photos! They are so true to Paris and the perfect way to capture the city's different (if not darker) side.

    Great interview and I'm excited about the giveaway!

  4. I really love the blue series but I also think Little Brown Pen's food photography is fantastic. I'm a foodie and love her market collection.

  5. Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous artist! Hard to choose a favorite, but if forced the green series would be my pick. Great interview and thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Paris in Purple, I love them all!

  7. Great interview! Love her comment re the bread. Yes, how do they know?! She's so talented, hard to choose. I love her Mint series - especially the metro photo at the tunnel. Thanks!

  8. Love the Pink! Reminds me of Spring :)

  9. Beautiful, moving pictures ! Makes me want to fall in love again with my hometown... :-) I unfortunately tend to be bored and blasée about it. Thank you all expats for teaching us how to see familiar places with new eyes !

  10. Well crap. I just left a long, and what I thought was a terrific comment, and it totally bonked when I went to post it! **fury**

    I will paraphrase here:

    TERRIFIC interview. Thanks for the heads-up about it!

    I respect Nichole's organizational skills and eye for detail so much, she has both my extreme envy as a wannabe photographer and my deep respect for the work she does. It's fantastic stuff, and I wish I had more of her skills in pulling together work in this way. It does not surprise me that "meticulous" is a good word to describe her!

    Favorite series? I love them all, truly. There is not a thing about her work that I do not appreciate!

  11. These photos are gorgeous. I'm not surprised that meticulous is her self-picked word. I really love the graffiti shots.

  12. I love Nichole's visual sensibility... the way she views Paris is uniquely beautiful. Great interview of a multi-talented woman!


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