Friday, February 11, 2011

Sales Last Chance Guide: A tour of Passy

The sales are winding down, so I thought I'd get this "last chance" post out before it's too late! The girl who didn't go to a sale in 5 yrs is about to take you on a trip. Oh yes, me, lady who knows SHIT, has done the unthinkable:

I went shopping for 3hrs in one giant stint to make up for all the past years I never went to the sales, and now, yes, now, finally, I'm going to share my hard-earned knowledge with you, store by store.

It should be noted that there are a SHIT TON of stores on Rue de Passy, in the 16th arrondissement. Naturally, I didn't do them all. (Pffffff). I just did the ones that I, and most people I know, are likely to frequent:

- San Marina
- Mango
- Promod
- Kookai
- Sephora
- Esprit
- Etam
- Zara

If you're not proud of me right now, you never effing will be and can promptly go screw yourself.

1) Where the Ef is it?
Rue de Passy is in the 16th arrondissement in Paris, the northern part. Metro line 9, La Muette, or line 6 Passy. Or there's the bus 32, 22, 52 that'll take you right there.

I made you a little map, wasn't that sweet?

2) When should I go?
As I said in my last blog, the shopping experience wasn't at ALL what I was expecting. I put on my mental padding to brave the line backers and bag-toters but turns out I didn't need them at all! If you can get to Passy on a Saturday around 11, there will be not a soul in sight and you can roam freely through the stocks without having to hip-check anyone. Lovely.

3) Where should I go?
I started my journey at metro la Muette, and wanted to begin with my feet. Generally, this is my biggest point of style weakness, so it seemed time to populate my closet with more than just tennis shoes and worn out black flats.

San Marina was the shop of choice, and I must say that even I got a little shiver when I saw the 70% off tickets shining in all their laminated glory.

It was well worth the trip:
- all different styles
- loads of colors
- tons of sizes, including the elusive 38
- and most were between 50-70% off!

The 2nd floor of the shop is organized by size and had some lovely finds.
Highly recommend as this shop has pretty good quality and the price is decent.

Mango was the first one I hit since it was on the way, and is one of my favorite stores.To me, this place is like GAP with a little edge. Just a little. Enough for me anyway in all my fashion-phobic paranoia!

Great place to pick up a new jacket, they were between 25-35, and pants 20-30. Skirts were mostly around 20€. Much cheaper than Zara, who had similar products, but listed them at 3x the price.

You can also stock up on basic turtle necks and tops which are ridiculous at 7-15€, and sweaters running from 10-20€, all good deals and lots of sizes. Some beautiful little touches with beading and sequins that class up the classic.

Also had scarves, a bit dull but cheap at 7€.

Kookai was also another great stop. Seemed they were trying to get rid of skirts -- loads at around 20-30€, very cute too. Mixed bag between summer & winter clothes, of course, beautiful scarves.

They also had some pretty work-type-shirts that I really liked, especially that pink number, mmm, gorge and only 22€!

Seriously, I think it's worth checking out, good deals, good quality, if you like this shop then don't hesitate -- hit the road and grab up what's left!

Then there was Zara
... I am not a huge fan of this store because it seems to me that the quality isn't worth the price. I've bought countless sweaters & shirts only to trash them a month later after a couple of washes. (Hello! SHRINKAGE!) But if you like it, they did have some pretty floral shirts. The rest seemed to be either teeny-bopper t-shirts (yuck), or polka dot. :( Sorry Zara, just didn't do it for me this year!

GAP of course? GAP sales in the US are epic with deals of 3$ tops and 10$ jeans. Get over that now, because the French just don't believe in that sort of free-for-all  sale. But they did have some good deals 50-70% off everywhere I looked!

Also check out their maternity section and work-shirt section, some great deals there 7-10€!

Don't waste your time on...
WTF? I generally like this store, or can at least find a cute scarf/necklace? Something has happened to the Passy one. Just bottom-shelf quality & prices to match, but I wouldn't spent 5€ to wipe my ass with those scratchy sweaters.

Etam: Crap, crap & more crap. Yuck. Movin' on...

Esprit: ugh, this shop just isn't a good example of ESPRIT. Seems like it's geared toward baby-boomers and not so much toward hipsters, not much selection, crappy prices, all around "bleh" award goes to this one.

Maybe check out...
Sephora: Though there was nothing, or practically nothing, to speak of in the way of sale items, it was a rather lovely experience I had in there. The sales people were uncharacteristically helpful. For ONCE, I didn't feel as though I were interrupting 2 salesgirls' gossip hour, and I got some actual HELP. (Magical.) The woman took time to explain options, try out foundation on me, help me select moisturizers and advise me on treatment for my incredibly dry skin.
Highly recommend Passy Sephora if you're not so worried about paying full price, but want someone to explain the stuff you're spending 35€ on.

There you have it! My trip to Passy is done until the next sales in 5 months or so!

Monday, February 7, 2011

David Lebovitz Give Away Winners!!

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite dessert & who tweeted the article!

Congrats to @ParisPerfect via twitter and Marthe commenter #25 below!! 

Please e-mail me your address at Shannon (at) so I can send you your copies :D

If you want to pick up your own copy, you can get it here.

Might as well plug is latest book - Ready for Desert, which I also own and enjoy!!

xx S 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Chance for Sales Blog coming!

Watch this space - Shopping blog coming up -- Guided tour of Passy!
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