Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday Tweep Round Up : Sale Blogs (btw, mine still coming!)

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Yo. Spoke w/ a few peeps & axed the categories, just too damn complicated for this lot.

Good news is that now the responses are pouring in & I should have a lovely Soldes blog for you this weekend!

If you want to share, comment below or send me an email at

1) What do you think about the sales, love'em or hate'em?

2) What's your fave shop in Paris? (Name/address) Why is it great?

In the mean time, here are 5 sales blogs I think you should check out:

Girls Guide to Paris - Les Soldes 2011 by Milla Msa
HIP Paris - Ten Never-Ending Trends of Parisian Shoppers by Tory Hoen
I Heart Paris - Winter Sales 2011
Love in the City of Lights - Art of the Sale
Bonjour Paris - Soldes, Glorious Soldes! by Karen Fawcette

Did I miss one you liked? Let me know, I'll throw it up here.
xx S

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