Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stop raining on my resolution parade.

It's that time again. Time to break out the giant year-sized-sponge and wipe the chalk board of life errors soo clean you can see your hopeful, naive face gleaming in it. Time for a new beginning, time for a change of heart, time to do the one thing you've been putting off all year long and believe that this time you'll actually accomplish it, for no other reason than the fact that it is January 1st.

It's a contagious notion in January, and generally, a good topic of conversation for those dry-patches in your workplace banter. Most people's resolutions are positive improvements, like "get fit", "drink less alcohol", or "stop farting in the elevator". (Note to readers: please take up that last one. PleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPleeeeeeease.) I wish more women in Paris would resolve to wear pants, but I'm realistic enough to know that's just crazy talk.

I was amazed by how many runners I saw outside today. It was as if the whole of Paris woke up this morning and said, "Here we go, getting 2011 off to a good start with a nice run now that I'm over that HORRID HANGOVER!". I wish someone would start a website to track it. "Resolution Run 2011" or something, so we can see how many of them put on their running shoes, just to take them off again a week later. Anonymous results, bien sur.

But where's the harm, really? I hear so many people saying what a load of crap it is, and how they don't believe in NY resolutions. I've heard many-a-frenchie tell me how ridiculous it seems to them. In their opinions, important decisions should be made because it's the right time, not because it's the beginning of a new year.

But... do they make those decisions the other 364 days? I'm not so sure looking at the number of non-joggers, drinkers, and pantless-elevator-polluters in my entourage.

Personally, I don't see what's so bad about scheduling a little optimism into our year. Seems to me the Parisians are doubly hard on us resolutioners. I myself have resolved to quit smoking. It's going good so far.

Day 2, acting like a total be-yotch, and my husband is avoiding me like the plague, but smoke-free at least! And I joined the ranks of joggers last weekend, so I can't really count it, but I'm resolving to keep it up for a little while longer.

I think resolutions have gotten a bad rep. It's an opportunity. Make a decision, start things off right. What's so bad about that? Do you think it's a waste of time? It's never too late to stop letting silent bombs in enclosed spaces, is my motto.

Happy New Year everyone, go get'em.

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