Monday, January 3, 2011

5 reasons to get a resolution & stop shitting all over mine.

Ok, so I admit that this may be PMS, or the fact that I'm tweaking from not smoking or perhaps a good ole mix of BOTH... but I'm annoyed, and by George, I cannot help myself from posting this after reading all the anti-resolution posts out there.

WHAT is UP with all the JUDGEY-McJUDGERSONS out there?? Huh??!!

Cheese & fucking crackers, STOP rolling your g-damn eyes at me. I own my naivety. It's not always a good thing, and often times very bad in fact, but in this case I think it's fab to hope for the best against all odds.

Yes, I have a resolution, YES, I've kept it for a whole 2 days and intend on keeping it a lot longer. Why must you scoff? Where does all this blind pessimism come from?

I myself can be quite the nay-sayer, but I think when someone says "I'm going to try to be a better person", it's not something to put down. We should lift the resolutioners up. Support them in their endeavors to stop effing-up instead of telling them "Meh, you'll never make it, no one keeps New Year's resolutions."

And thus began my rant, here are my 5 reasons why you should get a resolution & stop shitting all over mine:

1) Just one more reason to do what you should.
Just because you resolve to do something on 1/1/11, it doesn't mean that you did jack-shit for all of 2010. It doesn't mean that you sat on your ass, thinking, "no point in do this or that until the new year". It's a boost in the right direction; just ONE MORE reason to do the right thing without delay. What have you got against it? I honestly don't understand.

2) Acknowledge your past by changing your future.
Resolutions don't erase your past, just in case the irony of my last post wasn't clear. On the contrary, I think resolutions acknowledge that you have room for improvement. It's looking life in the face & saying, I can do this differently, if not better. Which is always good, right?

3) Go with the flow.
If you're against resolutions, then please let me know another time of year when so many people are so motivated to change lives for the better. Seriously, it's easy to be a joiner when so many people are doing it, and why not get a group together and choose one you can all share?

4) Unselfish resolutions exist too.
Resolutions do not always have to do with ourselves. They can be changes to give more to your community, give more to your entourage, or simply stop being such a pessimistic sour-puss in the judgerson's cases.

5) Today is better than never.
It's all about initiative. It's about making a life decision, one that will be good for you. Anyone who's against this, just baffles me! It's like saying you're against goodness today because you should've done it yesterday, and the day before that, etc. Why the F not today? Why not make it a new habit?

Ok I've ranted enough. Back to happy-go-lucky-land, hoping your resolutions are being made, abandoned, re-made, re-abandoned, whatever. Just be thinking about changes in your life and other people's, that's enough.

And for the non-resolutioners.... stop judging the resolutionites for the love of pete. If we want to give it a shot, then let us, jeeze.

xx S

PS - Got an opinion on this? Share it. I'm interested to know what the peeps think out there. Am I the only one who gives a crap?


  1. Bugger! Bugger and Sh*t!

    You're about 20 minutes too late to get the Rant of the Week Award - sorry....

    All the best


  2. Hey Keith,
    Aaaaaawe CRAPPITY CRAP. Oh well, next time I'll get my ranting done in the AM ;)
    Thanks for reading anyway lol

  3. go Shannon! screw the resolution nay-sayers and keep up the good work. One of my resolutions is "less, but better" which I'm applying to a lot of things in my life!

  4. As someone fresh off the plane from L'Amerique, I was totally bummed-out too by all the anti-resolution bashing & I think it's a great time to start off on the right foot & try something new for yourself or others.
    I mean geez, if not now, then when?? I thought that was what the New Year was all about...hear hear to all the resolutions! Shit, something's gotta keep us going through the winter at least!
    & bonne chance with all of yours :)

  5. @Forest & Tuula: Thanks ladies, RAAHHHHHH, let's keep the resolution spirit going!!! Like your resolution Forest, sounds difficult to maintain but enriching.

  6. The hardest thing with the Frenchies in my circle is not making resolutions, but actually doing them! All I heard last week was "Ok, new year = exercise". So Saturday, January 1, after lunch I say "alright, let's go for a walk", and all around the table just groans of "ohhh we'll start it Monday, no sense starting on a weekend . . ." lol.

    I like resolutions and I start them whenever, but it is nice to have an "official" starting date for the things you've been wanting to do. And good for you, giving up smoking! Keep it up!

  7. @andromeda: Agreed... they sometimes have a tendency to be gung-ho at the moment, but when it's time to pay the piper they don't exactly want to. But... that's typical for anyone I'd say. Thanks! Plan to have nice healthy lungs again very soon :D

  8. I am all about the resolutions, but my issue is that people need to make them more specific and achievable, otherwise they're just going to be depressed when they don't reach them. If I've never exercised a day in my life and my goal is to work out 60 mins/day, 5 days/week, the likelihood of me reaching this goal is pretty small. I might go the first week, then maybe only 4 days the get the picture. Start've got your whole year to improve!
    That's my rant!


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