Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Say What: Don't be a "Dinde" & How to make the most delicious turkey ever!!

How to make a delicious turkey? Do you brine? Do you season? To stuff or not to stuff, and what with??

Forget all that. This one's easier than you realize. Simply invite a slew of friends & family over. Pour copious amounts of alcohol down their throats until they can't even remember their own name, let alone, if the turkey was edible. At least, this is my plan.

This weekend a bunch of us are piling in the car, and driving out to the sticks to get our drink on... I mean.. to celebrate Thanksgiving! I'll be posting about it after, that is if my head will exit my ass after the dinner wine, champagne, mulled wine, bloody mary, and cocktails. It's a big if.

And it's a good thing too, missing the fam this year and wishing I could be there to celebrate. I'll give them a ringy-dingy tonight, but I think it'll be short & sweet before I get all blubbery.

This Thursday Say What is rather simple, and turkey-related en plus!

Do you know what it is to be "a turkey"? In French, you can sometimes say, "I'm going to make the ________" to say you're going to be have in a certain way. Ex: "I'm going to act like a cry baby" = "Je vais faire le bébé".

It so happens that the phrase "I'm going to make a turkey", "Je vais faire la dinde", has a double-meaning. For us American and Canadian expats, it means to cook a fowl and subsequently stuff ourselves with it 'til forced to open the fly of our pants. For the French, it means, "I'm going to act like a complete f*%#ing idiot."

So "cook" your turkey, don't "make" it, or you'll make our Franco-friends chuckle while you proclaim that you're going to act like a moron.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

xx S

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