Monday, November 29, 2010

A million calories later...

Why can't every weekend be like this last one? Seriously? I am racking my brain, but I can't come up with a decent reason. We laughed, we drank, we ate, we told embarrassingly-hilarious stories, we walked, we ate... did I mention we ate? It was in a word, fabulous -- but not without it's little trials and tribulations.

I consider myself to be rather naive. That said, after having tried to leave the city on a Friday after 6:30pm, it's clear that naivety is the tippy-tip-top of an iceberg the size of Canada that is, my cluelessness about driving. Getting in and out of Paris is like trying to squeeze a traffic hippo through the eye of a needle.
It should've been simple. Pile in the car, & hit the road. Le sigh. Our satellite reception was scrambled. We were cut off by an endless string of douches and a-holes. Motorcyclists were kicking the passenger's windows as they nearly tipped over while trying to zip between our car and our neighbor's. We were cramped on Paris' midget Periph', bumper to bumper, praying for deliverance from our highway hell.

But, it was worth the toil. When we arrived at our little house in the middle of nowhere, the guys were waiting for us, armed with comfort cocktails. As the fire crackled, and our chefs whipped up a tomato basil risotto that knocked us on our asses in one of those happy-food-comas.

On Saturday I felt like I was at big-kid-camp. We gathered around the flames, sipping our coffee and chatting while the eggs sizzled. We mowed that food as if dinner were a vague, far-off dream.

Mulled wine was concocted and half the group went off to Provins for a tour and the rest of us attacked the turkey!
We made all the classics:

- Turkey
- Stuffing
- Green bean casserole
- Cornbread
- Cranberry sauce
- Pumpkin & Pecan pie
The feast was sumptuous, and we maintained the American tradition of saying what we were all thankful for, it never fails to lift spirits even higher.

Miraculously, we had the energy to play charades until the wee hours of the night. Did I say play charades? I meant, the girls team beat the boys team to a pulp with our impressive miming skills.

Sunday, with heavy hearts, we packed our bags and enjoyed a last brunch, complete with French Toast! We capped off the weekend with a long walk in the woods. It was an anti-Parisian trip, we felt miles away from our daily lives and jobs. I loved every minute of it.

This year I didn't spend the holiday with my family, but we had plenty to be grateful for.

Check back, I'll be adding recipes once they're collected!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Xx S


  1. Sounds like a sublime weekend. And happy belated Thanksgiving!

  2. Awesome. Now you see just a peek at the goal I keep in sight to get through renovation, litigation hell ;) Having a majority life in la campagne & minority life in Paris is the perfect checks & balances system to life in France! ;)

  3. I'm jealous! For me it was just another Thursday...but you made me miss charades! It was a perennial family favorite in Michigan.

  4. Sorry to have missed it! Sounds like an incredible weekend of hedonism and happiness. I am {finally} thankful to be healthy again!

  5. Charades, lots of food, and friends sounds amazing! Way to go beating the boys team!


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