Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrating my imminent freedom with pounds of sugar and butter

I have the most incredible, wonderful news readers: I've got about eight days of work left. EIGHT DAYS mother fuckers. Sixy-four hours of time left on my sentence and then I never have to set another foot in that maudit place again! It's over two weeks, but still... pretty damn sweet. So sweet that I decided, that even though I've been through hell the last year, and I'm nursing a slow-recovery to this awful cold business, we could all use a little more sweetness.

I've baked over a hundred of David Lebovitz's chocolate chip miracles. Unfortunately for my ass, they're delicious, and I feel myself slipping into a sugar coma from taste-testing. But the real miracle was that a little bit of American spirit still thrives in this city. Like all amazing stories, mine begins with tragedy.

I woke up & then promptly went back to bed for about four hours. Felt damn good, gotta love Sundays. When I roused from my serial-napping it was almost 4pm. I mosied on into the kitchen to start cookin' when I realized ... the world was going to end. 

I had cookies to bake for my going away party tomorrow, and, as was typical with my luck lately -- I was all out of baking soda! Baking soda. Worth about $2. On every single god-damn shelf in the states, but I'm here. Where it's available in three stores in the entire city. Only one of which was open on a Sunday.

There's that "levure" stuff, but I've barely the time to make cookies, let alone test-run them, so I couldn't be sure that would work. I had a rep to live up to here, and wasn't prepared to risk it after so many successful batches. (Just takes one to earn your "crappy cook" label, and my chances for redemption were nil.)

But all hope wasn't lost. There exists a little piece of America here, it's called: Thanksgiving.
On a cute side street in the Marais, this heavenly store holds a lot of pricey, but rare goods ripe for the picking. Including my baking soda, thank you very much! A lovely woman with a very thick American accent rang me up and in just under an hour, I was almost home triumphantly holding the powdered gold.

Thank GOD for expats. Or my colleagues would've had to deal w/ that Pepperidge Farms crap, and I couldn't have that.

G'night & sweet chocolate-chip dreams :)


  1. First, felicitations, Shannon! I will be sure to raise my next coupe de champagne in your emancipation honor - woohoo!

    Beyond that, we are in the same psychic circle for two reasons: I, too, overindulged in too much sugar but my culprit was the buttery, gooey, amazingly delicious and still a bit warm Prauline from Pralus. I devoured a whole one, by myself, Friday morning. Still recovering. However, that has not limited my cravings and desire to find a good chocolate chip cookie in the city! Unlike you, I'm not willing to bake. So, if you know any dreamy, chocolaty specimens from un boulangerie, let me know!

    Congrats again!

  2. I hope your cookies went down a treat... They have certainly whet my appetite and I'm craving a good cookie although i don't find the Pepperidge one's (the chewy ones) that bad compared to the rest of the c**p you can get in France. I wish I could make cookies though - I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to find baking soda here!

    Good luck on departure and best wishes for your future endeavours.

  3. Congratulations, babe! May the new door life is opening for you lead to rainbows, unicorns and other great crap. The cookies look awesome!

    Btw, I know absolutely que dalle about cooking but I *think* bicarbonate is available in most pharmacies, next time you find yourself out on a Sunday. But don't hold me to that!

  4. YAY! Love that store although it's soooo expensive. I stopped by there when I was last in Paris in October and their thanksgiving stuff wasn't out yet (i find that a bit ironic, actually). That's ok though because for some reason I didn't feel like forking over 10000 euro for a box of stove top stuffing.

    Your cookies look delicious! My mom sent me baking soda and powder so I could make cookies.... now if only I could find an oven!

  5. @sweet Thanks! I find best way to quench the craving is to whip up a batch yourself ;) The french ones just don't taste the same!

    @piggy I know, I'm missing them already myself lol.

    @Pauly bring on the unicorns & double rainbows, I'm due! I think you're right about the bicarbonate!

    @Steph It is fab, agreed! Stove top is ridiculously overpriced, a complete joke, but hey when you gotta hankering? No oven, tragic!

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