Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday Feature Preview -- This Friday the Bloggers & Tweeps Chime in on the strike!

It'sssss baaaaaaack! The Friday Feature, too long absent from the ranks of my posts, has returned.... with a vengeance.

Don't miss this Friday's collaborative blog on what the expats, and if I'm lucky, some real Frenchies think about the strikes! Rants vs. Rationalization on this emotionally/psychologically/fiscally charged topic are sure to spark debate, and you can join in by commenting your own opinion.

Looking forward to seeing what they say, and reading your thoughts as well!



  1. Girl, you are quick! Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say...glad you brought this feature back, enjoy your strike day :)

  2. Ooooohhhhhh! REAL FRENCHIES!! Oh, I hope that a few will chime in on this issue. It would be so nice if blogs from expats in France could have more French voices! Yay! I'll cross my fingers!

  3. @Tuula - yep! me too! You surviving yours?
    @Karin - yeah, I got some! woot! Getting a lot of responses so far, this is going to be a very long, populated post!

  4. Great comments about the strikes....I don't understand how the strikers think they will change anything by upsetting regular transport....but I guess they feel any action is better than no action...Shame that the people they disrupt the most are their fellow workers and colleagues. Perhaps it is genetic for the French to strike, xv.


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