Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Different Nuit Blanche

Heyyyy ever-bod-eh.

When I say "Nuit Blanche" most of you are thinking "Party Time". You're imagining yourself out tonight, during Paris' city-wide open house that lasts all night long. You're thinking of the obscene amounts you spend on alcohol, that you'll probably vomit up a few hours later. But it was worth it. Euros + Alcohol + City-wide-party + Spew = memories. An infallible equation.

I'm missing this year's Nuit Blanche, but I'm getting a different kind of sleepless night, & I wouldn't trade it for the world.

My nephew, Sullivan (Sully), was born nearly a week ago, and I am very lucky to be back in the states to meet him!

Despite my brother's warning that he screams all night, the little tyke has been pretty dern good. In two days I still haven't heard the "real" crying which was responsible for their fatigue. Obvi, I bring out the best in him.

He took his time arriving, but when he decided to make an appearance he was outta there in less than half an hour! My brother and a nurse practically delivered him. (Love that bro says he tried to "stay away from the business end" lol.) My SIL Andrea was quite the trooper. I hear she didn't even cry... that seems inhuman. (Andrea, if you're reading this... know that I'm seriously considering the possibility that you are an alien who was sent here to quote Will Farrel with weirdo-little-sisters and populate the earth with incapacitatingly-cute offspring. I'm on to your master plan.) I'm very proud of them both for everything they're doing, and the strength of character it shows. You're both going to be rockin' rents, even if one of you is probably from Jupiter.

I am pretty attached already to that little bugger. I love the way his stretches look like interpretive dance. I love the way he sticks his tongue out of his mouth whenever he's pooping (a very handy indicator, I might add). I love the way he stares at me with his big blue eyes like I'm a total loser. You know the look I mean, the one where the one eyebrow is raised, and the mouth is kinda twisty?(He already has superiority complex, but with those caliber parents, who can blame him?)

He's quite the cutepants & I'm looking forward to being his aunt Shannon!!
Posting photos soon so you too may admire is adorabilitousitude.

xx S


  1. he's a tiny little cutie! so glad you got to see him so soon!

  2. How cool! Congratulations, babe. And trust me, this year the Belleville section of the Nuit Blanche was a let down. I'm pretty sure I'd rather be in the States with Aunt Shannon and a new father who looks like a young Bono.

  3. Hey!! Many congratulations to you, Auntie Shannon! I am so glad you had the chance to go and visit your new nephew. He's a teeny tiny cutie pie. Thank you for posting a pic of him. (And sorry for being here so late. I'm just now getting back into the blog reading swing on my Google reader. And, honestly, since my newfound freedom from the toxic job, I've been goofing around way too much on FB, too, lol.)

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow with the strikes and transportation issues. Hang in there, mmmmkay?


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