Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hip Paris Guestage: Rainy Day Paris Solutions from Paris Experts

Photo creds: Hip Paris Blog
Yeah... this is totally still relevant. Depressing, non? Go read it again, or for the first time, or a third time because you have a memory like mine (goldfish caliber), on the Hip Blog!

While you're there -- check out the amazing articles on Italy, France and if you have the chance, mosey on over to Haven in Paris. Warning: Haven in Paris requires a bib. Those apartments are to-die beautiful!

xx S

PS: Sardaigne blogs coming up next week. Sorry, the three billion e-mails and work mentalitude have made it impossible to follow the tweets this week and to come up with more swears for you all. 

BUT, stay tuned, dammit! I have lots of things planned, some more guest-postage, some new features (WTF Wednesday, interviews, book reviews) AND... a GIVE AWAY! You're excited. Don't play it cool. It's OK to squeal.

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