Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letters From Paris Guestage: Letters TO Paris!

Cross-posting an article here that is for Beth Arnold's site, Letters From Paris. I'm so THRILLED to be selected to contribute, thanks Beth for letting me write for Letters from Paris!

Everyone... go read this STAT! It's new, it's different, it's full of happy-unicorn-rainbowy Paris references.

Here's a preview, read the rest here:

Last month, I decided to turn the tables on my Letter From Paris column, and I invited readers to send me original (not published elsewhere) material as Letters To Paris.

And this is from Shannon...

My husband and I just got back from our vacation to Italy. We went to Sardaigne expecting the tropical beaches and a luxury hotel with all the perks. Two words: "all inclusive." After weeks of working like a dog under the gray skies of Paname, our ship had come in. Hello sun!
The experience was not what we planned. The hotel was a scam and the beach smelled like, well, a giant fart. Algae, don't ask.

Vacationers have a tendency to idealize the coveted sanctuary from reality. We dream of the white beaches and picture how happy we will be "when." Little did we know that our wait was not going to be worth it.
rest here:

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