Thursday, August 12, 2010

Travel Tweet Tuesday - In tweeps we trust: a catalogue of my fave Paris Travel Tweets of the week!

I work in technology, so you'd think I'd be down with the latest & greatest... yeah, not so much! As the old French saying goes, the cobbler has the crappiest shoes.

I'm late on the Twitter uptake, but am clearly making up for it in re-tweets! Twitter  has become my new obsession. We be making sweet comment love all the live-long day! Especially the hashtags... ht's & I are thick as THIEVES.

It's like wikipedia, the live version. Nice people, online, ready to respond to your questions or comments about places/events except you don't have that little asterisk in the back of your mind that reads "but this is Wikipedia, it might be a load of complete bullshit". In tweeps we trust, because they got the goods.

It's amazing how useful this is for travel and as far as I know, it's not a resource that is tapped frequently enough. As I was drafting this post Priscilla Pilon, author of Weekend In Paris, also did a very good article explaining this, and I recommend you check it out. Priscilla discusses how you can use Twitter to plan your vacation and get some serious info before you go.

In my opinion, she is absolutely right, but there's one caveat: you have to know who to ask! Finding the right tweeps is key to exploiting twitter to the fullest. So, how do you find the right tweeps? That's where your hash-tags come in.

These tags are simply search words attached to each tweet. Twitter has a search functionality in the bar on the right of the screen that you can use to find specific words from tweets. Search your destination with the symbol "#" in front of it, and it will turn up a list of all the tagged tweets. Ex: You want to know about Paris? Search #Paris => bam. Be prepared for information overload! Find a few tweeps who like what you like and follow them to get your network started.

I did a quick search and compiled a list of Travel Tweets about Paris that I thought were worth sharing, will probably do this on a regular basis :) Got a tweep you think I should track? let me know!
xx S

PS - Preview: Friday Feature now with extra bits of Tweep:  The summer that wasn't, things to do on rainy Paris days

Good ideas
@GirlsGuideParis Twenty items to bring back from your Paris trip - and where to find them.

@BudgetTraveller We asked the #Paris experts. 41 amazing tips to make the most of Paris on a budget: #travel

@montmartreguide Soft launch of my new website - Mr Montmartre! #paris #travel #lp #montmartre #drinks #cocktails

@LostNCheeseland Instead of touring Paris by bus, why not by bug? (super cute) (via Do It In Paris)

@francophilia Francophile badge of honor! An American Library in Paris library card, whether you live here or not:

@WeekendInParis Twitter Used As Easy #Travel Planner for planning my trips to #Paris & everywhere! Happy #TravelTuesday!

@ParisGetaways #Paris #travel #coupon RT @ParisPerfect: Download 10% discount card for Printemps, lg dept store, foreign customers only.

@agentcikay No more starving in #Paris ! Top 5 Paris on a Budget Restaurants #travel #lp #budget

To do
@FranceExpat - A cure for the summer-in-Paris blues - (NYT) via @ParisBuff & @enchantedtravel #Paris #expat

@gogoparis Biennale de Belleville: Paris’s newest contemporary art quarter reinforces its relevance with this new biennale pr...

@ParisBuFF RT@enchantedtravel RT @petitfranceblog What 2 do in an empty #Paris! RT @nytimestravel A Cure 4 Summer-in-Paris Blues

@ParisbyMouth 3 days in Paris? John Talbott has some advice.

@gourmantic La Conserverie Another top review from @52martinis

@GotSaga - A marvelous #museum : Carnavalet Museum in #Paris #travel #tips

@MyMelange Come walk in the shoes of a Parisian. 5 boulevards for strolling #paris #travel

@Bonjour_Paris #Paris #sightseeing and #history #Montparnasse is fascinating. How many people have seen these #travel sights?

@GotSaga 10 Places that can't be missed in #Paris #travel #tips

@FlyFromLondon Ready for romance? Fly from #London to #Paris from £25! #travel

@FlyFromParis Stroll the canals this September! Fly from #Paris to #Venice from 25€! #travel

@Find_Hotels Paris hotels resorts the free guide. hotel ratings reviews 47H #Paris #France #travel #hotels #vacation


  1. Hi, and welcome to Twitter. Don't worry that you may be late to the party, you are welcome here, and we love finding new Tweeps to chat about France with. Great post here on the power of Twitter. And I completely agree with you on how helpful Twitter is. Your experience is largely determined by who you choose to follow, and looks like you're off to a great start! Good luck to you.
    Mary Ann

  2. Bonsoir Enchanted! Thanks for the welcome :) See you in the tweets,
    xx S

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