Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Mood-lifters: 1st edition tweeps link.

Today is Monday. A real one. Before I even hauled my sleepy ass out of bed I wanted to go back to dreaming where late projects, to-do lists, unfulfilled wishes and puppy-less lives didn't exist.

In case you're having one of these days too, I decided to start a new tradition that I'm hopeful won't be too difficult to keep up what with my dwindling free time... Monday Moodlifters!!

I scoured twitter for an hour and picked out a few of the posts that made me feel good this muggy Monday and hopefully they'll send some happy vibes your way too! Feel free to follow these bloggers on twitter to keep up with them...


- 7 Survival Tips - How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

@lebestofparis - American Library in Paris -

@HaveninParis - Smile you're in Paris -

@ParisImperfect - Making out at the Musee d'Orsay -

@GirlsGuideParis - How to become Parisian in One Hour -

@mymelange - Vanves Flea Market -

@cowgirlchef - Beet it. -

@LostNCheeseland - August Staycation -

@ParisKarin - Juillet is full of Glee -

@GreatestQuotes - The Best 10 Books on Happiness -


  1. lovely idea...everyone needs a monday moodlifter!

  2. Thanks for the props, chickadee. :) Makes me realize that I have not posed in a while, and probably I'm not going to, either, lol. I'm busy enjoying my "staycation." Hope you are doing the same.


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