Friday, August 13, 2010

JNSQ Friday Feature : The summer that wasn't, 20 Paris rainy day solutions from the locals!

Photo credit: Little Brown Pen - THANK YOU!
This is not a new subject in my blogs... The sun has been taking a big ole dump on my outdoor plans for quite a while now. If the degree of my whiteness is any indicator, we are currently at code ALBINO, (ALERT! ALERT! Entering sunlight may cause spontaneous combustion!), and I feel like that burning ball of fire is giving me the finger behind a curtain of clouds.

So. What do we do about this? I've been cooped up in my apartment too long-- it's time to GTFO!!

Weekend in Paris also sent in something extra special for this week's JNSQ Friday Feature -- a lovely guest post for your rainy-day-reading-pleasure!

Here are a few things that are tempting me at the moment:

- YSL expo at Petit Palais:
I've heard great things about this exhibit, but haven't gotten around to going yet! It's open until this weekend, so as uge I'm down to the wire to get around to doing anything that could give me the slightest insight about how to dress my sorrily-clothed-ass.

- Kentrige 5 Themes expo at Jeu de Paume
This is by far one of my favorite museums in Paris, the expos never fail to disappoint! This expo looks particularly good. I like that it's a mix of mediums - drawings, prints, films & all that. This is good because I have a real attention span pro- DID YOU SEE THAT BIRD FLY BY??

- "Paris d'amour" expo at Hotel de ville!
I actually saw it first in an article from 20 minutes I read in the metro. Note: this was when it first came out months ago and I was all excited about seeing it. I'm very proactive when it comes to fun, obvi. I also remember the image they had used was a beautifl pre-wedding woman destroying a sandwich the size of Greenland in her dainty gown. Loved that.

- Tea at l'Hotel
My friend Rebecca introduced me to this place & it was love at first sit. It's the perfect place to cozy up and drink your self warm again. Luxurious, a bit swanky, but they'll let you sit and relax for hours with a good book. (Read: I'm cheap 5€ is already a lot, so I'm getting my damn money's worth!)

And here are suggestions from the paris experts via Twitter!
These people REALLY know their way around the city, you can trust them with your rainy vacation days! Please be sure to check their blogs and add them on twitter for more insights!!

Thanks to all you amazing tweeps, love this community so much!

Museums & Activities

@ParisCosy  -

Go to the Jardin des plantes? the tropical glasshouses...

@fleurishing -
Spend all day at the Musé d'Orsay, or stroll around Palais Royal!

@ParisKarin -
I recently went to the Cluny -- Musée national du Moyen Âge for the first time on the free Sunday a week or so ago. It was sprinkling on and off that day. It was a perfect museum to see on the free day, too -- not too crowded. That was my rainy day experience so far during this weird-weather summer.

The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, of course, were a highlight. I think it was just the amount of medieval art all together in one museum. There is a real sense of time and place there, an ancient past well-represented. The chapel there reminded me of Hogwarts, too, which was cool. ;-)

@BethArnold -
I'm a movie-holic, so I'm up for a movie any ole time, especially when it rains.

@HavenInParis -, and walk to a movie  at MK2 Quai de Seine/ Quai de Loire and then shopping at the Bio Coop On the Canal, Forum des Images (amazing and cheap movies)!


@petitfranceblog -
I'd cruise the gourmet hall at Galeries Lafayette, catch-up on some shopping, then hit their prosciutto & wine bar for lunch :)

@cailinash -
Is it wrong I automatically thought of Galleries Lafayette as my #parisrainyday solution? :p

Wondering & Lounging

@kasiainparis -
rainy day in st germain: gallery hopping on rue de seine followed by an apero and people watching at Bar Du Marche

@lafemmecooks - Also how about trying to make macarons from scratch? or mexican hot chocolate?

@LostNCheeseland -
check out the Palais de Tokyo or Musé d'Orsay!

@kasiainparis -
rainy day at Place des Vosges: visit to Maison de Victor Hugo and gallery hopping followed by lunch/cafe at Cafe Hugo

@52Martinis - the covered passages around the 9th (around the auction houses) lots of cute cafes, restos, shops.

@phyllisflick -
I like the Danton @ odeon w\ its windows for watching world go by

@52Martinis -
How about a movie, but not just any movie - at a funky, artsy cinema like la pagode or studio 28?

@LittleBrownPen -
Paris plus rain, plus a night sky, plus lights, equals one of my favorite things. Rather than duck for cover, hit a museum or otherwise camp out inside, I embrace the rain, open the umbrella and enjoy the show. What show? Light dancing on the glowing pavement, moody people tucked under umbrellas and into trench coats, the juxtaposition of warm, glowing interiors and the dark, wet cold. I'll eventually tire of the rain, and will choose a café in which to warm up and enjoy a café creme, but not before I enjoy every sight and sound.

@Badaude -
Just go with it. Sit in a café and drip. Parisians love to complain about the weather so take this opportunity to feel more French without putting in too much effort. For maximum effect smoke en terrasse under one of those plastic awnings. Bring a book.

Don't forget to check out Priscilla's Guest Blog!

Thanks so much to all the tweeps, and a very special thank you to Priscilla of Weekend in Paris for this inspiring guestpost and to Nichole from Little Brown Pen for the beautiful photos!


  1. Thanks for including me...this is a helpful post to save for my travels! ;)

  2. @brooke - What can I say, Paris tweeps (for whom I'm seriously considering the nickname "pweeps") are very cool/smart cats.

    @susan - Thanks for contributing!! When are you coming into town? If the weather continues as it has been lately, you will def need a rainy-day plan or five.

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  4. Thanks for the ever so appropriate 'rainy days in Paris' post! Will reference this often ;) (Happy to be a part of it too!)

  5. There are some wonderful ideas here, Shan. Thanks to all the contributors with their suggestions, and thanks for including mine, too!

    I experienced one more good rainy day idea today: I'd planned a picnic with some friends, but it got rained out. We holed up in my apartment instead to have picnic fare contributed by all, including some champagne and rosé. It was a lovely Indoor Picnic! Like Baudade wrote, we just went with it, and embraced the rain, and had a great time.

  6. I think rainy days are not nearly as bad when you have a slew of options for cool stuff to do!!

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    I really appreciate your posting it's really informative for me hope you always update more often and share to us what you know..

  8. @Kasia & Karin: Thanks for the tips ladies!

    @Elisa: True, yo.

    @Holiday: Glad Me informative you for, and will to share us definitely what I know future times. Go spam someone else?

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