Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paris by Mouth and David Lebovitz are conspiring to make me a Vegan Lesbian LUSH...

I never had any desire to be a vegan lesbian before last night. Come to think of it, I probably would have been right at home back in Madison, Wisconsin - that city was lousy with them. Somehow, for what must be cosmic reasons, that ship sailed without me.

But when David Lebovitz, chef extraordinaire, suggested that Blair and I, fellow Davidites, join the ranks of the San Fransisco V-L's, I almost wished I did play for the other team just to see his winning smile broaden.

Alas, I am otherwise spoken for and, if we're being honest, Blair intimated that she wanted to wear the pants in our would-be vegan sapphic paradise, but I'm not sure she's ready for this jelly.

So instead of beginning my new life with Blair and a bouquet of asparagus, I settled for disappointing a culinary legend and drinking obscene amounts of wine.

The Paris by Mouth launch was a fantastic success, to say the least. I ogled swarms of respected bloggers, chefs, writers and foodies and thought... Bravo. If the support of the crowd is any indicator, I'm sure this website, already my favorite after only a single day, will delight the eyes and bellies of many a reader.

Favorite part of that night, other than rallying around this launch, was meeting in person so many people I know virtually, including Meg herself who turned out to be as nice as I expected :) She seemed a bit giddy, a bit nervous, though I can't imagine why. Meg - your site rocks my socks, you can exhale now. Then there's Forest... ahh my little Fotest (that's what happens when you try to write someone's name in your iphone after six glasses of sparkling Vouvray!). Mosey on over to if you're wondering where to drink tonight.

If I have one regret from the evening, it's that I didn't get to try the food. Braving the daunting crowd around the eats was like trying to swim against a current of flailing hands and chomping mouths. Maybe there's a pecking order to get to the foodbar; if the table providing the delectable treats was heaven, my place was lodged somewhere between the depths of hell, and river Styx. There was competition to put it mildly, so I stuck with Beth, Rebecca, My future wife, Kim and "Fotest" and our liquid diet.

This morning I had a hangover that would make Lilo look like an amateur, but it was def worth this outing. Thanks Meg, contributors of the site & the crew from Spring. Thanks David for your advice about my love life - I'll be sure to send you an invite to the VL premier event of the season if the occasion should arise.


  1. Ha! I'm glad that our little party could provoke such profound self-examination.

    Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for coming!
    See you around the Paris by Mouth watering hole soon.

    x Meg

  2. Oh my...not surprizingly after a day at the cocktails salon & then a night of the launch party with our bubbly dinner, i wouldn't be surprized if was actually telling everyone my name was "Fotest"! Fabulous hanging with you in the flesh and looking forward to some cocktails in the future! xxx

  3. @Meg: Liquid dinners will do that lol, looking forward to the next PBM outing!!

    @Fotest: You know I'm calling you that for life now. I may even cross the line and start calling you "Fottes" or "Fotty" or something else equally unbearable. It's how I roll.


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