Thursday, June 3, 2010

I totally know how to get a diesel finger in Germany now... Thanks Carla!

Every time, I tell myself, "This is the last time. You don't NEED this, and nobody wants to read that shit anyway. Just give it the EF UP!!"

And then she does something so mind-numbingly ridunkulous that I cave. There is a beast inside me, roaring for sustenance... It demands tribute...

My name is Shannon... And I... Am a CarlAddict.

Mme. Sarkozy, the definition of distinguished, the epitome of elegance, the icon of irreproachable class is having an extra craptastic week. A video has just surfaced. Not sex, silly rabbit, trix are for kids! Just pillow talk really, but enough to make even this classless hack choke on her PB&J.

It seems Mme. Demure herself has been revealed for the kinky little minx we all knew was in there lurking. On the distinguished talk show "EuroTrash", (btw, not at ALL the type of place where you'd expect these kinds of shenanigans), she was giving a quick review of two books about how to make international lovin'. The books taught said reader how to say several phrases, such as:

"I love your titties" in Italian
"you make me so hot" in german

Thanks to this wonderfully educational show, we all now know she loves a good Diesel Finger, and isn't afraid to ask in several languages. What lingual and sexual prowess, color me all kinds of impressed. Sarko, you must be so proud.


  1. "It seems Mme. Demure herself has been revealed for the kinky little minx we all knew was in there lurking. " No kidding, lol. That video was hilarious. :D Man, sounds like the Frenchies are actually becoming a little uptight! The Gawker article says that the authorities have pulled a longer segment from YouTube where CB confesses to celebrity affairs. Whattup? Sounds a bit anti-French to me. And then this was reported, too: " Carla is "shocked and dismayed" at the video's "sudden reappearance." " *snort*

    She looked quite proud at the time!

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  4. let's try this again...just deleted my comment above because realized after I had posted it while friends gmail was open on my comp so it posted under her account, blah, blah, blah....

    so, yes, very funny. love her explaination about needing this because we travel and need to know how to tell people in different countries what to do.

    because of course I always ask for a finger up my bum in every country I'm in. Except for maybe scandanavian ones where they might have particularly large hands. Fortunately, Swedish was not one of the seven languages in her book!


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