Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can you have sexy-time with a city? (10 Blogs for making sweet sweet love to Paris this summer.)

Don't tell me you haven't thought about it. This place is well-endowed, and we all know that size really does matter.

Summer has arrived and Paris & I are madly in love, again. We had a few spats this past winter, but come tourists or snotty waiters, w
e're going to be tighter than your pants after thanks giving dinner.

The sun has returned & I've gotta fev-ah.
I want to lick the Eiffel Tower. I want to spawn garden offspring. I want to show the skeptics that despite the over 40% divorce rate in France, the city of lights and I are going to make it G-Dammit! (ps - did you know there was a "Divorce" magazine? "Help for Generation 'Ex' "...depressing niche much?)

I remember discovering Paris with my boyfriend, (now husband), and thinking that this city had me under its spell. Dark forces were definitely at work because everything was romantic. The simple act of walking down the street was enough to make me feel like my feet were going to lift off the ground at any moment -- that takes some serious sorcery given how shit-littered the sidewalks are.
I had all the symptoms of a "lovah":
- incapable of rational thought
- unintelligible diarrhea of the mouth
- happiness bordering on lunacy
- overwhelming disregard for major flaws
- raging desire to wear
skimpier clothing than Britney Spears

I have a sneaking suspicion: People don't just fall in love in Paris, but with Paris.

My theory was confirmed a couple of weeks ago when I called on fellow bloggers to share their most romantic moments... know what I got? A lot of romance, but the role of love-interest was played all too often by the city itself.

If loving Paris were a illness, I'd have a temperature of 104 and I plan to pass this incurable disease to as many people as possible. The Parisian-Anglo blogger world here is amazingly well organized and full of top-notch writers, so without further adieu...

Here are my top ten blogs to read to fall in love with Paris this summer:
(not in any particular order)

Girl's Guide to Paris

One-stop-shop for the best of the best. Where should I propose? Ask GG2P. Where should do while in town? GG2P has a blog for that. How can I book an affordable ticket? GG2P has you covered, baby. Check it out RIGHT THIS SECOND, I promise you will not be let down!

Paris by Mouth
This site is brand SPANKIN' new and rearin' to go. Multiple blogs per day about where to get your eat on and some fun drinking options as well! The brain child of Meg Zimbeck is a an infant genius. Smart, funny & loaded with contributors who have the city's restaurants begging for their attention. A must. Miss it at your peril.

The Paris Blog
Another collaboration amongst bloggers and one not to be missed if you care about what's happening in the city! From politics to restaurants, this is the place to get your infogasme.

David Lebovitz
Foodies, Frenchists, lend me your eyes! (Can we call them Froodies?) Love, love, love this site. David is the quintessential charmer and his site,, is a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Enjoy recipes and funny anecdotes by the baker's dozen.

52 Martinis
Where are you going to get a drink? Wherever Forest TELLS you to go, that's where. This lovely lady knows her martinis and is a real hoot to boot. Check out her Wednesday cocktail nights for a lot of fun and a good martini guaranteed - or she'll blog them to death the next day.

Go-Go Paris!
"What are you up to?" is not the question to ask. "What is Go-Go up to?"... now there's a good question. Want something fun to do? Get on Go-Go!!

Hip Paris Blog
Not only does this fabulous blog tell me how to integrate the impenetrable francosphere, but it's chocked full of places to go and original things to do. Especially heart the "events" section.

Secrets of Paris
Title lives up to it's name. Heather shows us the ins & outs of underground Paris -- and she even offers tours!

Parisien Salon
Best of both worlds: Directory & blogs. I'm in love with the directory-feel of this site and always interested in the articles and reviews that make it worth coming back to again & again.

Invisible Paris
Really enjoying the "something for the weekend" posts. They make you want to get out and I adore that so many are free in a city that can break your bank.

There you are! Happy Surfing!!


  1. You are a lovely nutter. Thanks for pimping Paris by Mouth!

  2. @Meg: I only pimp the best. Wish I could do more than ten but it gets overwhelming. So much good stuff out there!

  3. You are a little star! (with impeccable taste!) ;)


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