Sunday, May 30, 2010

Night of Raw Food & Movie Stars...

You'll probably never see me in something "this season". I can almost guarantee that you'll never spot me sporting an "it bag". Other things clearly not a part of my destiny: Spandex, Hammer pants, COLLOSAL BOWS, Unseemly shoulder pads, Shirts pretending to be dresses, Dresses pretending to be shirts, Ass-hangyouty-shorts, boots with peeptoes, and countless other atrocities that are destined for more fabulous people than I.

Some people can make taking a shit look cool, whereas I am the ANTIGLAM. I am GAUCHE. If being trendy and elegant were a disease, I would be the cure. Inside me is an eternal battle between the forces of good and evil:

But my expertise in phailology hasn't prevented me from having some insane nights on the town. Friends, light years more chic than yourst', have provided some pretty rad times.

Such as last night.

Original Sat plan:
leave PJ's on ALL DAY, smell bad, read even more vampire novels, lament husband who is in Barcelona having the time of his life, eat cereal for every meal, nap, wish I had a puppy, nap again, decide to do something then abandon it before you can say lonetard... you get the idea.

Actual Sat plan: amazing sushi lunch w/ ash + Wedding planning bonaza, dinner at the amazing Bob's Kitchen with some expats for a special "raw" themed menu (Crusine!), drinks with the incredibly talented Jesse Williams and his fiancé Erin, who is sweeter than pure sugar topped with caramel btw.

The raw dinner kind of blew my mind. How do you prepare a three course meal that involves zero cooking and no meat/fish/poultry? Adam Graham and Arletty Abady, our top raw chefs for the evening, could tell you.

I ate something called "Aged Cashew Cheese". Figure that one out. First thing that came to mind was someone milking a miniature cashew nipple... guessing that's off base. I'm stumped, but it was dlish. We had stuffed mushrooms, zucchini "pasta" and other delectable concoctions that were so mouthwatering I had to refrain from making inappropriate sexual noises as we munched. Adam & Arletty are more than mere chefs, they are food chemists.

Aside from a freeze-dried breaded eggplant incident that looked mysteriously like something I'd shed after the meal than something I'd eat before... the raw repas was a treat - one I'd be glad to repeat. Not to mention that "Bob" and the guest chefs sat and chatted with us after the meal. I have to admit to being very impressed by their dedication to the art of cooking, and I can see why they're enjoying the sweet taste of success today.

I can always count on the Charisma Queen, Rebecca Leffler, to bring a little snazzle into my weekends. (That is when she's not in Cannes, Monte Carlo, on TV for l'instant critique, writing for the Hollywood Reporter or working on her blog among other various creative endeavors. I've decided she doesn't sleep.) Last night was no exception.

We wrapped up the raw dinner, and she proposed a drink. Being a wino, I obvi jumped on that bandwagon be for the "K" of the word "Drinks" had even been pronounced. Little did I know that I, the cure for couture, was about to meet a rising star.

I think it's safe to say that this chance encounter is probably 1-time. Around nine pm, I found myself at a little table outside with two expat friends, JW and the enchanting Erin, discussing Paris, music, movies and of course - I had to bring the discussion to cheese and sausage at some point. (On Wisconsin!)

First of all, the closest I've ever come to a real-live "star" is... oh yeah, never. So this, needless to say, was a pretty cool development. Second... he stars on Grey's. GREY's people. Ugh. Love LOVE LOVE that show so effing much I think I would espouse it if you could be legally wed to a television production. I was not surprised to find that this couple was as down to earth as it gets - JW even took time to chat and take pictures with a table of fans next to us.

Raw food discoveries and drinks with movie stars def beats lounging in your dirty pj's non? Siiigh... only in Paris.

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