Monday, April 19, 2010

Kiss My Ash.

This is how the conversation between you & the european sky would go right about now:

You: "I'm ready to fly to Bermuda now."
Sky: "MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, YA NO."
You: "No seriously. I bought my tickets. They're nonrefundable. Let's getta move on."
Sky: "Yeah, gonna have tell you to go EF yourself and the boat you road in on."

You: "F--- YOU Sky, I'm getting on that plane."
Sky: "I'd like to see you try you pathetic meat sack."

You: "You can't STOP ME. What are you gonna do? BLOW on me?!" (laughs)
Sky: "Actually, yes, and I'll send ash directly into the engine and making you plummet to 40K feet to your doom. Then I'll blow smoke up your a--. Literally."

You: "..... sh--."
Sky: "Like I said, kiss my ash."


  1. This was very amusing Shannon. I did a satirical blog today too. Check it out if you get a chance

  2. Urban Dictionary linked me to this word the other day: ash hole.

    I thought it fit with this post really well! You are such a clever monkey, girlie!! ;-)

  3. Karin... that link is U.D. work of art. Thanks!


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