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JNSQ FF - Happy Festivus of Cannes

The yearly film festivus of Cannes is looming and the buzz has officially begun! Who's going? Who are they wearing? There's quite a lot of hubub about this event, and to be honest, I generally could give a crap about the happenings until someone mentions Robert Pattinson, then I get whiplash turning my head to the TV screen. (Guilty. Very guilty of this.) In fact, before I started saving every last nickle to spend my vacations in France, I doubt I had ever heard of it. (Classic American style, I was only concerned with Oscar.)

I'm more out of the loop than Carrot Top, or maybe even Lyle Lovett. On a completely random note, If they were morphed together, babies around the world would simultaneously begin to wail in horror... feast your eyes..

Yeash...but I digress. (again.) This Friday Feature blog, coming at you on Saturday because I had to have a life yesterday (sorry), is all about movies!! At this point in the blog, I will make a shameful confession:

I've probably seen Amélie over a hundred times.

My poor college roommate. How many times did she walk in on me watching that movie? Often enough that I'm guessing she probably HATES it more than the time I made us mixed drinks with rootbeer and whiskey. (Tragically bad idea btw.)

The point of this rambling is that, that movie really (REALLY) got to me. It made me LOVE Paris. Every time I watched the ridiculously mime-like Audré Tautou walk down the scenic streets of Paris, my heart would begin to wretch and I longed to snuggle back in the bosom of my beloved France. Maybe that movie is the reason I'm here today.

I still watch it from time to time in my little Paris apartment, and the same familiar hankering sneaks up on me like a ninja... but now I can just walk outside and quench the thirst for all things Français.

This weeks question: What film(s) about Paris inspire you? How did they influence you? Why?

"I'm a bit obsessed..." - Rebecca Leffler

You're killing me with this one i could write you 100000000 words on the topic

(I'm a bit obsessed with movies, paris and movies about paris if you haven't noticed)

I'll go with

"Sabrina" as the all-time fave
"An American in Paris" bien sur
more recent "2 Days in Paris" had me howling
not to mention "Before Sunset" - LOVE it. (and Julie Delpy goes to yoga with me so I feel like we're BFF :)
Bertolucci's "The Dreamers"
Can I be TRES cliché and say Godard's "A Bout de Souffle"?
and the best Paris-based movie EVER... RATATOUILLE!!
I'm forgetting a million start with that?

by the way I WAS an Amelie fan until I met JP Jeunet the other night and he told me he hated me because I gave a bad review to his last film and totally bawled me out haha but the fact that JP Jeunet feels anything at all towards me and knows who I am makes me feel like I've made it ? :)

"Paris, je t'aime!" - Forest Collins

Happy Friday ladies!!

Long before moving to France I was a fan of French films. Even if it only started with an immatur, teenage affectation of euro-sophistication. (oh la la…I’m watching movies from the foreign section, how very très intéressant, n’est-ce pas?) But, it grew into a real appreciation for serious French cinema. Some of my first French film experiences that still stand out are: Manon des sources, Monsieur Hire, Le mari de la coiffeuse, Au revoir les enfants, La cité des enfants perdus. All excellent films.

But, for a film specifically about Paris: “Paris, Je t’aime” I know, I know….I took the easy choice! What other film is going to cover all 20 arrondissements and a variety of people (both French & foreign) from such a range of perspectives. That’s a big part of what Paris is about – the locals and expats, the different little neighborhoods and stories going on in the city.

On the flipside, I think I’m the only one who doesn’t understand the Les Bronzés films. I feel like if I don't get on board with those soon, someone might kick me out of the country.

"Les Enfants du Siècle..." - Lindsey T.
Actually, my favorite French film is Les Enfants du Siècle with Juliette Binoche and Benoit Magimel (yum) which is the story of the love affair between George Sand and Alfred de Musset, my favorite French poet. It's an amazingly well done film, well acted and great costumes. For me that screams French cinema. Of course there's also that film Swimming Pool but honestly, that was like a David Lynch movie, just left me confused and uncomfortable in the end.

"La Haine..." - I Heart Paris

Happy Friday, happy St George's Day, and happy birthday ladies! Ok, the latter may only be relevant to me, but I'm milking it for all it's worth.

My favourite film about France is La Haine. What a poetic and beautiful film - a greek tragedy set in the banlieue of today (well of 1995 but still the same vibe for all intents and purposes), superbly shot, acted and directed. I saw it at school and it was the first film I saw about contemporary France and I think as a result I became more intrigued by French culture. I am a sucker for films that observe Aristotle’s three unities (of action, time and place) and so not often a big fan of French films that just go off on one without any desire to follow a linear storyline, so the format of La Haine is also pretty key here for me. And Vincent Cassel, what an actor! It’s a fucking good film, I need to see it again.

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  1. Just found your blog Very cool. :) ..and how funny i have Carrot top on my blog to :) J'adore paris! and french fils.. I just watched "" Love me if you dare"" and it is fantastic .


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