Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Feature: Paris & I are having a mo'.

I don't care how much of a social butterfly you may be, everyone needs alone time. In Paris, there are endless blogs about where to go and what to do... and this is no exception. Well.. almost. In stead of proposing where to go to have drinks, or dinner, or pre-dinner drinks with friends, I want to know where to go to be happily SOLITARY in the big city. (I'll get to the sustenance later on.)

When I need time all by my lonesome I tend to kick it in my pad. I've been known to venture to local cafés for coffee or something else pretty boring, but I haven't found many places to spend an afternoon reading or walking around aimlessly just to waste some time. I need to know where Paris and I can snuggle. Just the two of us. So I asked my expatriate experts to chime in on the best places in Paris to hang solo.

Thanks ladies! Readers, be good little girls & boys... check their blogs too...

"I love to just sit and people-watch..." - Rebecca Leffler
The Luxembourg Gardens! If I'm feeling motivated, I adore going for a (short but sweet) run -- one of the few places in Paris where people don't stare at you as if you have a hamburger attached to your head if you go jogging (and where you don't have to inhale 12,000 cigarettes as you pass by). I love to just sit and people-watch and listen to music, some of the best people-watching in Paris. Plus, there is a much higher Parisian:Tourist ratio than other parks of its kind (see: Tuileries). I love the Jardins de Luxe (an appropriate title for the luxurious inhabitants of the neighborhood who frequent there). Not to mention, the little children with their little boats in the pond are adorable (I still dream of a childhood playing with toy boats in the Luxembourg Gardens -- never did that in NJ, for sure :) 

 "Museums are places where one can be alone..."- Karin B.
I suppose I should say something cooler/hipper/more exciting than "my apartment," but truth be told it *is* one of my favorite places to be alone with some quiet and is where I like to write. As far as getting out and about on my own, though, I live close to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and I find it is a really good place for a walk and time to think/be by myself. I also like going to any of the museums in Paris by myself, too, as museums are places where one can be alone and focus on the art at one's own pace.

"The Promenade Plantee is perfect..." - Forest C.

Like Karin, I spend a lot of alone time at home. My apartment is sunny, quiet and pleasant, so it's a great place to enjoy alone time and catch up on reading or writing. I also like walks for more serious alone/thinking time. The Promenade Plantee is perfect for this: it's a good distance with a variety of things to see and makes a perfect 'escape' just above the city streets.

"I love going to Place des Vosges..." - Lindsey T.

Nothing I enjoy more than picking a charming little café, no matter where it is, and plunking myself down with a pad of paper, a good book or a newspaper and a cup of coffee. In the summer, I love going to Place des Vosges to lay out by the fountain with all the hippie-bobo Parisiens who flock there to picnic and play the guitar as soon as it's warm enough to go stocking-less.

"Love a good wander in a gallery or museum..." - I Heart Paris

I too love chilling in my flat, especially on the balcony when the weather is nice, also love a good wander in a gallery or museum on my lonesome, and a bit of bookage in any park/square that has a bench, so I'm pretty much in agreement with Karin, Forest and Lindsey on this one.
I'd say let's all hang out and have alone time together, but that would kind of defeat the purpose...

"Running in the streets!"  - Margo B.
Running in the streets! Of course, you're not really alone but you don't have to deal with anyone (beyond the occasional shocked look of people that still don't 'get' la joie du sport) and are free to contemplate the picturesque scenery and whatever random thoughts keep you going.


  1. Thanks, Shannon, for the inclusion in the Friday Feature! I am spending a little quiet time in my apartment right now, trying to muster up the energy to go food shopping, lol. I hope you have an excellent weekend!

  2. It's a funny concept to go out among the masses to find solitude, but it's so true that sometimes you need to escape the confines of your own world and want your space at the same time. I get it.

  3. @karin: no problemo! Thanks for the comments :) Did you go shopping after all, or did you take my post's advice and tell the city & all it's snarky-bloggy-inhabitants to screw themselves?

    @Elby: Now you gone & done it. Quit giving insightful meaning to my blogs. We do sarcasm & gossip, and useless complaining here. ;)


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