Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confirmed: The French are MUCH HAPPIER than you.

A wise man once said: "People who say they're happy make my ass twitch." (Two points if you can tell me who.)

Well, if you're not twitching yet, be prepared for your glutes to spaz until they can't spaz no more.

According to the daily paper 20 Minutes, 72% of French employees are "Happy at work".

In other words... almost three quarters of the French population... is joyful at their jobs. Yeah. You heard me. The grumpiest city in the world, is secretly happy-happy-joy-joy. (I'm not buying it either.)

I wonder what parallel universe this publication polled? Where I'm standing, the entire work force is aching for vacation. I can't get through a DAY without someone asking me, "So when's your vacation?"... but it's a ruse. I see through their innocent questions - They just want me to ask them when theirs is.

And, of course, I ask. I watch as the transparent pleasure of their impending escape-from-el-travajo invades their faces.

mmmm... yah, NOooo. Sorry, but I'm guessing that the result of this inquiry is based on 3 things:

1) France is not at war. We have healthcare and advanced human rights. Clearly, we've nothing else to report on, so the journalists have been forced to invent something that will generate a buzz.

2) 20 minutes got it's name not for the time it takes to read, but the time it takes to copy headlines from other sources without fact checking shit.

3) My colleagues are the 28 % in all their miserable glory.


  1. LMAO! Were people polled by their own bosses? Just saying who asked them might have made a difference as well.

    There are people who LOOOOOVE what they do. I used to be one of them, but 72% is a bit far fetching. Maybe the author was dislexic and it should have read 27% perhaps?

  2. Good question. Probably. I can see it now:

    Boss: are YOU happy at your job?
    **coughs loudly the words "say yes"**

    Author was more likely on crack.

  3. What a wonderful country ! All this people happy with their jobs ! I propose reduce holidays by half so they can be even happier at work !


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