Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life is sweet...

So what's your poison? Cake? Muffins? Giant bowl of butter? Anyone who knows me is familiar with my pathetic weakness for cookies. A friend used to offer me a cookie, and of course, I'd refuse on the grounds that it is an EVIL food and made of pure fat and sugar that no reasonable person would touch. But if he put a crumb on the corner of my desk, I could NOT resist popping it into my mouth to savor it's lardy-deliciousness.

In my world, cookies are the sugary equivalent to Satan poops. They serve no nutritional value, are of a demonic nature, and loaded with crap. Incredibly delectable meadow muffins. Unbelievably exquisite, mouth-watering, srcumptulescent dookie droppings.

Which is why I'm not a huge fan of the French Macaron. It's chocolate deficient, chunkless, and more colorful than a float-dancing dragqueen at a gay pride parade. Cookies aren't supposed to be hot pink? (This is the "No crying in baseball" correspondent of the confectionery world.) Apparently the French didn't get the memo.

I'm willing to make an exception every now and again, and I cannot think of a better time for it. Thanks to I Heart Paris blog and it's article "Jour du Macaron", I've a great excuse to break out of my American tradition and partake of the beloved Macaron.

Today the 20th, Paris is giving away Macarons for a wonderful cause - l'Alliance des Maladies Rares (the Rare Disease Alliance).

So... eat up & spread the word!


  1. "In my world, cookies are the sugary equivalent to Satan poops." Hahahaha!

    Oh, too much good humor in this post. :D Love the macarons as drag queens comparison, too! Wheeee!

    Did you go out and get some? Macarons, that is. LOL.

  2. I did actually!! Got some at the Grand Palais w/ a girlfriend & a glass of fine cham-pa-gne... a girl needs a little pick-me-up now and again! T'was loverly. (But we had to pay for our Macarons!! SCANDALOUS!!!)


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