Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jim Carrey: Scaring the French more than EVER.

We Americans have a bizarre sense of humor. In no other country have I ever seen so much laughter produced from a single asshole.

We delight in Jim's theatrics and are accustomed to his juvenile pranks. The fact that he is so wildly popular is a testament to the freedom we all take for granted.

If I were to employ Jim's whimsical antics, I can say with near certainty, that I'd find myself behind bars before my arse could utter it's first sentence. (Damn shame too if you ask me, it had so much to teach us.)

The French don't seem to have the slightest clue what to make of him. Look at the interview he just had on French tv. I'm betting behind that uncomfortable smile, the interviewer genuinely felt that our sacred Jimmy was an unstable freak who deserved a straight jacket and a Xanax cocktail.

Now I'm not saying the French don't have a sense of humor; au contraire! There are several Frenchies whose presence causes me severe incontinence, and they don't even need to use their ass cheeks. (Quite a feat!) 

I'm just saying that the standards are not the same. In my limited experience French humor consists mainly of quips,  smart/whitty commentary and involves using your brain more than your body.

To put it in simpler, Saved by the Bell terms: The French humorists are your AC Slaters, your Zacks. American, Carrey-type humor is, without a doubt,  Screech. To be fair, Screech would freak the shit out of me too.

The fact is that we have "Look at me! Look at MEEEeeeee!" disorder. American goofiness is the black-sheep-bastard-middle-child of French comedy. I'm pretty sure a record for eye rolls was set by French audiences watching Ace Ventura.

That said if anyone knows a French Jim Carrey equivalent, I want to buy you a beer. It's not everyday such asstastic talent is mined from the rough. It deserves an honorary toast, don't you think?

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