Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun with fake genitalia! aka: And you thought Parisians were strange.

You know that saying, a picture says a thousand words? Can you please tell this one to put on a muzzel, 'cuz I just ate breakfast.

Thank you Huffington Post, for yet again reminding me that other cultures have WEIRD traditions, and that France is not the worst of them.

Japan is celebrating it's cock & vag festival.

Yes. You read that right. They played with wooden schlong sculptures, and candied vajay-jays all the live long day. Isn't that... sweet.

I know that reproduction is wonderful, but do you really need a punani holiday?

God, I'm so relieved I do not live in a country filled with these mother fuckers.


  1. Ok, the photo of the two Japanese teens posing with the penis candies? No wonder geeks porn of preference is dirty anime, the Japanese clearly have that down to an art. Ick.

  2. @ Elisa - yeah that one grossed me out fo sho, but I think the worst ones were with the old people. I just don't wanna see that. Geezers + vagcocks = not good.


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