Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Feature: Start doing something pointless PRONTO

March 25th 2010 was a landmark day in history. It was INTERNATIONAL PROCRASTINATION DAY!!!

"What??" you say. Oh yes indeedy. This is not a test. Yesterday, you were to stop producing dammit, and have a nice nap, or browse the interwebs, or loaf around doing something else of little or no value.

Despite a massive lack of communication IMO, the day went off without a hitch. The only other day when people accomplished less was probably 4/20. They should combine these two days since the result is most definitely the same. International Pot & Procrastination Day! It will be glorious. (Except for me since a. I'm a type A personality, so it takes a conscious effort and constant reminding just to relax at all, and b. I'm into hugs not drugs.) Although, since I began writing, this blog has become my main source of procrastination practice. Soon I'll claim my throne as rightful Queen of Frivolous-Time-Wasting-land.

The first question that popped into my head, and those of my fellow expat buddies, was... WTF, isn't that everyday in France? Did they really need to officialize it? You're missing the point completely. This is an INTERNATIONAL day of laziness. Let's try to see beyond our own borders, and let the REST of the world have a day of dilly-dallying, hmm?

So I put the following question to some friends... naturally I did it today and not yesterday, so the answers are late this Friday in accordance with the world-wide holiday....

Did you participate yesterday? (Do you participate EVERYDAY?) What did you do in Paris & what would you have done in your home town?

I did my share of idle puttering... jog, nails, facebook, twitter, blogs, reading (JULIET NAKED = BEST BOOK EVER!!) writing this blog. Yes, the classics were at work. Oddly, I don't think it would really have been that different if I were home except I'd have probably been doing it in a little café on State Street.

"'Particuliere is so expensive..." - Badaude (between the UK & Paris since 2006)
I'd love to participate this week but I have to do some work but first, you know, I have to look at Twitter and then I might sharpen all my pencils because I can't work without sharp pencils. And then I'll arrange them in order of colour (it helps to be organised). And then I'll notice my nails need filing and, you know what, I could put some varnish on them too. But what I'd really like is that new Chanel colour, 'Particuliere'. So I could have a look to see if there's any for sale on a website. And I'll compare all the prices because some of them charge so much for shipping. And then, when I've found one that looks good, I'll think maybe beige isn't for me after all, but - where's the morning gone? If I'm really going to get down to work, I'll have to make a coffee. Or maybe a tea...

"Le Bon Marché!" - Lindsey T. (3yrs in Paris)
Work was traded for a makeover session at the NARS stand at Le Bon Marché with Mademoiselle à Paris. I'd say that's not a bad way to procrastinate :) 

"Quite talented in the art of procrastination" - Ashleigh T. (10yrs in Paris)
I definitely don't need some made-up holiday to encourage me to procrastinate! I am quite talented in the art of procrastination all on my own!

"Get back to you later on?" - I Heart Paris (6yrs in Paris)
Is it alright if I get back to you later on? It’s just I’ve got to do a bit of facebook checking, a bit of twitter catching up, I really ought to give my apartment a quick tidy and I might just need to do my nails after that. You know how it is...

More answers coming when the girls damn well feel like it!


  1. Wow, I didn't know we needed an officially sanctioned day for that. No worries, I had it covered. Even if I didn't know about it.

    BTW, shout-out to you today on my Faux Pas Friday series!

  2. Hey Shannon I gave you an award on my blog.


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