Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dating for people too hot/rich/pretentious for regular sites.

Online dating has lost its stigma. It's joined the ranks of other common-place pseudo-dating, like missed connections, personal ads, and dating services, as another way to calculate your soul mate before realizing that a profile does not determine compatibility. We are humans, not puzzle pieces. Just because your gaps line up with his or her protruding edge, it doesn't mean that you're going to spend your lives together laughing and having babies on a yacht. (It doesn't mean you won't either, but interaction, environment, and people who lie about their real personality traits often get in the way of your would-be nuptial bliss.)

One thing is clear though, no one cares. We're gonna search based on your height, age, location, sexual preference, salary and then expunge any unattractive types who sneakily appeared in the list. People are going to keep trying to find their other halves, their missing pieces and online sites are probably the easiest way to narrow the field from the get-go.

Obviously, this bothered the uppity folks at Meetic (a major french dating site). Meetic didn't want to be just another "method". They had to be the black sheep of the pre-meet-selection-criteria family. So, they've created "Meetic VIP", or as I like to call it, "".

OK. So you don't want to date poor people. We get it. You want someone who loves gallivanting in underground clubs and snorting coke off toilets seats as much as you do. Do you need your own site? The answer to this question according to Meetic, was YES. Absoeffinglutely, they do. And here it is!! Your prayers to Saint Benjamin have been answered!

There's just one tiny problem. They got the banners ALL WRONG.
I've corrected them for your viewing pleasure.


  1. How did you make the banner images fade in and out??? Very clever :)

  2. "So, they've created "Meetic VIP", or as I like to call it, "". BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! You are fucking EVIL, chick, but I LOVE it!!! You made me cackle AND snort, and it takes a bold chica to do that, lol. You. Are. Hilarious. :D Thanks so much for the chortle today!

  3. @Lindsey - I was a webmaster for a number of years, animated gifs = amateur night! It was the blending out the original text that took me a whole ten min. I'll hook a girl up, just let me know!

    @Karin - One must have a good chortle from time to time. PS - the word chortle is Glad you enjoyed my nastiness, I suspect the users of will not appreciate my humor as much lol.

  4. I tried this a couple of times but I didn't seem good enough for meetic VIP even if earn more than a six figure sum etc.

    I love the banner as it just sums up meetic in a nut shell.

    When I didn't get on the meetic VIP for the 2nd time I just thought. Well screw them and boycotted all of there other so called dating sites and found love elsewhere.

    I remember when meetic first started up. They was so in need of people they gave out free subscriptions and even have fake profiles. Now they are raking in the money they don't need to give out freebies but I'm wondering they have fake profiles on their VIP site?


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