Monday, March 15, 2010


She's fucking at it a-gain. No sooner did I post about how she destroyed my nap last weekend, but now she's in the press for an alleged cheating scandal. (PS the discovery was made following ANOTHER earthquake, this time in China. Is their love-life some kind of diversionary tactic to keep us from worrying that the tectonic plates of the Earth are going to implode?)

Am I the only one tired of hearing about their relationship? What is SO fascinating? He is rich & powerful. She was a supermodel. Isn't this the same ole PB&J the media crams down our throats every time E! comes on?

Besides, it's totally unimaginable that anyone could find Sarko unattractive. I mean... just look at him. All that... flab.. and attitude. The man has swagger. He probably invented the phrase "Cock of the Walk".

Don't playa hate.

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