Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Carla Carla Carla part III

I must really be the very LAST person on the planet to not give a shit about Carla. My eyes are rolling so far back inside my head that I can in fact see my brain, losing heap upon heap of cells, with every bit of superfluous, pointless information I hear about her.

She is everywhere. She is there, while I'm brushing my teeth. While I'm ironing my clothes. She's ruining the taste of food in my mouth and sucking the beauty out of the music in my ears. She's staring at me, with her lips spread into that creepy grin thing she does, and I'm shivering in my little gray boots. (PS the plastic surgery is really not helping reduce the creep-out factor. Some people were not made for full-on-smiling. Yeash.) I suspect, had Stephen King met Carla Bruni thirty years ago, the "It" wouldn't have been a clown, but a Carla doll complete with Jackie-O get up. In short, I feel like I'm being stalked by the Queen of France.

I open the paper, and there she is, commenting on the fact that she doesn't want her husband to run again next term. I turn on the radio, another report about her supposed cheating scandal. I go online, and there she is... yet again... some stupid fashion rivalry with Michel Obama.

Will it ever end?


  1. The mouth? The scariest part about her is her eyes!! I don't know how people can continue to consider her beautiful, she's totaly plasticized and irritating and don't get me started on her speaking and singing voice. She can go to the US and wear a dress that shows her nipples, that's fine, but stop squinting like Renée Zellweger!

  2. she looks like a cat.


  3. Soooo...given that this is your third or fourth post on the topic in about a month, I find it hard to believe that you really don't give a shit about her ;)

  4. She's everywhere indeed, why is that? She never even speaks... :-P

  5. "Brian Rinaldi said...
    Soooo...given that this is your third or fourth post on the topic in about a month, I find it hard to believe that you really don't give a shit about her ;)"

    Oooooh, SNAP!! Hahahaha!

    But the US schoolchildren LOVE her!

    She read Madeline to the schoolchildren!
    She ate chili at Ben's Chili Bowl!
    "Mr Obama, standing alongside Mr Sarkozy at a White House appearance later, noted that the French were famous for their cuisine and remarked with a smile that the lunch choice - apparently a "half smoke" sausage - "shows his discriminating palate"."

    What's not to like?!?!


    I hope she got gas. :D

  6. I used to feel the same way about Hannah Montana. The girl's face was EVERYWHERE! Department stores, clothing stores, food courts, movie/music stores, book stores, billboards. I had never seen a single episode on her TV show, but I already hated her based on her over exposure.

    Sadly I fell in love with her song "The Climb" which I now sing in my car on a regular basis. She got to me too!

  7. The Carla posts and (dare I say her name) Celine have me laughing out loud.

    You are awesome, Shannon.

  8. @lindsey: So right. 100% on the effing money.
    @sonja: she looks like a FREAK.
    @Brian: you cut to the core of me...
    @angela: she speaks, and she sounds even dumber than she looks.
    @Karin: that's B for you, always chapping my hide lol. I second your hopes.
    @elby: Hanna blows, and she acts like a trainée
    @viv: not too shabby yourself, glad my shameless insults amuse!

  9. We accustomed to have the same manner regarding Hannah Montana. The actual women's encounter had been ALMOST EVERYWHERE! Shops, clothes shops, meals legal courts, movie/music shops, guide shops, advertisements. I'd in no way observed just one occurrence on her behalf Television show, however We currently disliked the woman's depending on the woman's more than publicity.

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