Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sorry for ze late...

I've been here for several years now, so I'm used to ze ax-an français. I find it very charming, it's sweet really no matter how badly they butcher English. But today, for some reason, (Fatigue + Sugar overload + Overworking + Caffiene overload), I couldn't stop giggling during the conference call going on next to me.

I was trying to work. I swear. But Cockney + French = too much. Every time they started talking, I burst into tears. Here are some gems from the conversation I just eavesdropped on:

Cockney : "Allew, eez everbody ear?"
Frenchy : "euuuuh oui, yessss, hi am ear."
Cockney: "Ok, groit, oy think wear ohwl ear."
Frenchy n°2: "Ay, euu, I just come too. Sorry for ze late."
Cockney: "Sole roit. weave jost started."
Frenchy: "Av you looked ze baz?"
Cockney: "Whoh?"
Frenchy: "Ze baz, av you look it?"
Cockney: "......"
Frenchy: "You know, ze base.. wiz ze, euuhhh, ze informations...ze baz..."
Cockney: "......" (breathes deeply) "....."
Frenchy n°2: "I sink he talk ze data."
Cockney: "Oooh.. ok.. the Data Base, yeah I think we need to test the connection to the right joint."
Frenchy: "......"
French n°2: "......"
Cockney: "You know?"
Frenchy: "......."
Frenchy n°2: "I sorry for ze late. I, euuh, not see. Maybe.. not get informations previous ze baz."

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  1. I've tried to keep my self from commenting, but this is just too much! I'm at work, trying to refrain myself from bursting our laughing.
    You should also hear the Italians talking in English (ze mauz AKA "the mouse")
    Awesome post! just.awesome


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