Saturday, December 5, 2009

Parachutists... do you really need the helmets?

This is the question of the decade. I just want to know what it's for other than making your head look like a black condom with little pink face.

Theory 1
Does it reduce wind resistance? Because, how to explain this to you simply... you're falling. And not in the Olympics. Does it matter if you shave a tenth of a second off your free-fall?

Theory 2
Is it to protect your head? I think, could be wrong here, that it might be a waste of time considering the situation will not be triumphed by a few inches of flexible, cone-shaped plastic.

Theory 3
Is it so that we can tell where your head used to be before you fell? See, now this sounds plausible.

Theory 4
To keep your head from swelling when you brag to everyone that you went skydiving? Could they be more cocky? This might actually be marketable.

Theory 5
A skydiving instructor wore it on a dare, and someone mistook it for safety attire. Who really wants to put that on? People who want to laugh at you want you to put it on.

I don't know people... what's your theory

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